The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


28. Chapter 28

Jennifer's POV

Its been 3 weeks since we first aired , and everyone loves it ! and me and paige are really close , she's coming over at 6 for dinner with louis and the boys . And since its Saturday i have not work so im just going to cook all day. 


"so loubear is everyone coming over ?" i asked chopping the carrots "yeah , so we going to try get paige and haz together ?" "thats the plan" i smiled putting the carrots into the pot  " do you want a carrot ?" i joked "i will" he smiled taking one of me and eating it "you never change " i smiled "thats why we love eachother" he smiled pecking my nose 



After hours of cooking and setting the table , i finally went upstairs to get ready. I got into my shower and washed myself. 

I got out and dried my hair then curled it and then putting loose curls in , i applied my bb cream , my mascara and my eyeliner , and of course my nude lip gloss , I painted my nails a peach colour to go with my peach one-strap mid-tight dress , i then got my nude 6 inch heels . 

I finally finished , i just applied purfume on , then walked down stairs to louis dressed in a pair of cream chinos and a suit jacket with her hair , normal "stunning" he smiled "i feel pretty in this dress , but you look handsome" i smiled pecking his cheek and then the door rang . 

I opened it to see all the boys "hey boys" i smiled hugging them all "Thanks zayn , thanks perrie" i smiled perrie handed me a bunch of flowers , while harry gave me red wine , niall gave me beer and said "i dont like wine so" which caused the boys to facepalm and me to laugh , then liam gave me a white wine "thanks boys and pezza " i smiled bring them into the kitchen "do you want a drink of wine and niall a beer?" i asked "yeah sure " they all said apart from perrie "i'll have a 7 up " she smiled "okey" i smiled going into the kitchen to get glass when the door rang "i'll get it " harry said . 


Paige's POV

I knocked on jen's door when the one and only harry styles answered "Well hello beautiful" he smiled leading me into a big beautiful flat "im paige" i smiled taking his hand to shake it "im harry" he said in his sweet deep voice "i see you met" jen came out and smiled "yep" harry said as we walked inside . Did i mention i have a huge crush on him ?


We went into the dinning room , i sat beside harry , zayn and perrie set next to each other , and Niam sat together as louis and jen sat together . They were so cute together you could tell they love each other ! And harry is so kind and we isn't what the media make of him ! he is such a sweet 5 year old boy inside a mans body. 


short chapter i know :( do you think something is going on between Hazza and paige ?? hmmm 


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