The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


27. chapter 27

Jennifer's POV 

"im so nervous" i smiled at paige "same " she said as we set up "You are now on air" the girl behind us said 

"Hello England ! we are jennifer and paige's new  new radio show where you can win prizes , pick you own songs vote them to the top ! and just have a laugh for 2 hours" i smiled into the microphone "For the first song at 30 is ... Miley cyrus we cant stop" paige smiled as we played it 


We had a bit of a laugh and then got to the prize giving "Well to add a bit of fun everynight we are giving a month supply of rice crispy squares all you have to do it call 09-55-44-222 for your change of winning we will announce the winner at the end , Up next is ... One direction Best song ever at number 12 , this is my favorite song " i smiled as we played it "more easy then i thought" i laughed 


"We are now at number 1 ! yes we got though 2 hours of playing the most voted songs ! but before we play we have to give our prize to a lucky texter ! " paige said as we dialed a phone number "hello?" the caller said "hi your listening to Jennifer and paige's new top 30 ! and you have just won yourself a month supply of rice crispy squares , ya-hey" i said "Oh my , i never win anything thank you" she smiled "stay online and we can give you the details , and the rest of you lovely people can now listen to number 1 song ! One republic and there new hit counting stars ! thank you for listening tell you friends tell you work buddies , heck shout it out to the world , where on instagram  @jen&paigehot30 follow for a follow back ! " paige smiled turning the song on as we explained the details to the girl who had just won. 


I finished the show and walked out with paige "do you need a lift?" i asked "no i'll walk im fine" "no your not its almost winter ! come on i dont bite " i smiled "fine" she said giving in as we drove off "so were do you live" i asked "123 , hillow lane" she smiled "i live around the Connor with my boyfriend !" i said dropping her off "thats so weird ! , do you want to come in ?" "no i need to feed lou thanks anyway see you tomorrow paige" i smiled "byee" she sang and walked in as i drove off back to mine


"im home" i shouted as the boys came out "great show" they all said as i started to laugh "thanks for listening " i smiled "come on pizza party since jen has her own show now!" louis shouted as we all started to talk and drink beers . Im really glad i know these people there so kind  

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