The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


22. chapter 22

Jennifer's POV

I packed everything , and went over everything "straighter, make up , curler, nail polish , bobby pins ,hair tights , perfume , body spray and deodorant and of course clothes , passport , keys , money " i said to myself as lou was at the door "ready love " he smiled kissing my lips "yep , i cant believe it 1 year" i said shocked "i know , well 1 week of the sun and fun" he smiled "yeah"i smiled knowing what he wanted to do "you naughty boy" i winked walking out to the hallway "ready?" my dad said "yep" i smiled hugging my mam and saying goodbye "be safe and happy birthday" she smiled kissing my forehead "i will " i laughed hugging her and leaving "bye pat" louis smiled "bye louis" she smiled 


We got out of the car and i gave my dad a big hug "see you next week" he smiled kissing me "yeah bye dad" i smiled "bye gary" louis smiled waving "keep her safe" he smiled as we walked in


We got past everything and were waiting to bored the plane "so we have some fun tonight?" louis asked winking "maybe" i teased "ALL PASSENGERS BOARDING FLIGHT 222-43 PLEASE COME TO GATE 2" The women said we both got up and walked to the plane " Jen , i only found out last night but i have to go on tour in September" he sighed "Louis dont sigh its your job and sure i'll see you when i can , i'll be settled in london working " i smiled "oh ok , oh and i have your present for you ! but its for tonight" he smiled "you already got me a cha- ohhh you dirty boy" i said realizing he just laughed and looked at the charms "you like it ?" he smiled "i love it " i smiled looking at my wrist "i love this one that says 'forever' on it , its just like you and me" i smiled hugging him as we took off



*later that day /night time/* 

As we put all out stuff in a big corner and locked the door "ready?" he smiled knowing it was my first time


He started to kiss me , and started to get my weak spots making me moan

I started to take off his top then his shorts leaving him with boxers , he took off all my clothes leaving me with my underwear he unclipped my bra and then it got interesting.


*Next morning* 

I woke up and was really hungry then i remembered what happened last night ! "hey babe" he smiled looking up at me "hey lou , do you want to go clubbing tonight , and today we go beach and get dinner ?" i asked "sounds good let me get changed " he smiled getting up as did i   

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