The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


19. Chapter 19

Jennifer's POV

As i waited at the airport i seen loads of teengirls staring at me "hi" i said waving they look away and then went back to there doing 


Then i seen a duck in someone arms , and then a benie then a family 7 "LOUIS" I yelled running over and jumping into is arms "i missed you babe" he smiled dropping his goose "lou your duck" lottie said as she picked the goose up "Its a goose lottie gosh !" he said acting like a girl "lou be nice to your sister" i teased "kiss me" he smiled as i leaned into kiss him he moved away "hey ! " i said sticking my bottem lip out "only messing" he smiled kissing my lips "your love birds ready?" jay asked "yep" i smiled holding hands and going to get a taxi "so what did you get for christmas" louis asked "i got loads" i smiled "well i got you something" he smiled "you shouldnt of have!" i said "i do your my girlfriend" he smiled pecking my lips causing a ew from the twins causing me and lou to laugh "so are you staying in a hotel , we have loads of space at mine" i smiled "no , its fine we will stay at the hotel"jay smiled "are you sure ? at least come over to mine for a bit?" i asked "yeah we will if your mum and dad are ok with that ?" she asked "there dying to meet you" i smiled "ok so yours" jay smiled 



We pulled up to my house and i helped get stuff out "here i'll ask my dad to help" i smiled "mam wheres dad ?" i asked opening the hall door to let them in "aidans gone to zoe's ciara is with Luke and danielle is with your dad gone to ballymun" she smiled "i told them to stay !" i sighed "no jen , your nanny is sick , really thats why , danielle is gone up to her friends" my mam sighed "w-what ?" i asked shocked , we never had a close relationship with her but this was a shock "im sorry , anyway im Patricia the others are out they are going to be home in an hour or so" my mam smiled "hi im jay , this is dan , this is lottie this is fizzy and the twins are daisy and phoebe" jay smiled "come into the kitchen , i have lunch ready" mam smiled , we all sat down and started to eat and talk "do you want to go into town with the girls tomorrow ?" i asked louis "yeah sure" he replied "girls do you want to go into town with me and jen tomorrow and the parents can get to know eachother?" he asked all the girls nodded "will i ask mine to ?" i asked "sure" he smiled


*night * 

it was about 11 o'clock and the twins were fast asleep on the sofa , danielle and fizzy were chatting away and lottie and ciara were doing the same "me and lou are going to bed see you tomorrow " i smiled saying goodnight "night" they all said as i walked up the stairs "So this is going to be a handful " i said getting into a top lou gave me a couple months ago "yep , oh your present " he said getting it out of his suitcase 

"here you go" he smiled handing me a box , i opened it to see a heart shape necklace but half it was missing and i seen something wrote on it 'To my beautiful girlfriend <3' and then louis showed me his key ring that had the other half saying 'i love you' i put them together and it made a heart "Louis thats sooooo sweet" i smiled kissing him ! , we got into med and i went on twitter on my ipad "lets take a picture " i smiled "ok " he smiled we sat up and took a few pictures "next one is my twitter icon" i smiled. i smiled as he pecked my cheek , i took it then turned around and kissed him "what to watch a movie?" he asked "sure" i smiled going onto netflix "what one?" i asked "forest gump" he smiled "yay" i laughed turning on the T.V 


Guys my laptop is messed up it wont charge proper :( but i do have it since 2011 so i have 2 choice , save up to get it fixed or get a new one for christmas D: i wanted to get a new phone but i need my laptop ! and my ipod has a crack in it so i have to get that fixed :( poop ! on the bright side i have a lot of reads ! yay ! 

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