The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


18. Chapter 18

Jennifer's POV 


 I was finally finished collage for the christmas , and Louis is coming over to see me  as he is finished his world tour , he was away since september and is back for the christmas until may for where we are tour ! sad face , me and louis are now going out 6 months now ! they flew in and my collage is going well , im only doing 1 year as thats how long you have to be in collage for if you want to be a radio presenter ! yeah i changed my mind im being a radio presenter instead . My mam and Dad are happy with what im doing and guess what ! My brother who is now 17 is going out with some girl named Zoe , there so cute together ! and my sister who is still 14 is doing her junior cert this year and danielle is turning 14 in 3 months is learning to dance ! so thats what you missed. 


"JENNIFER WAKE UP ITS CHRISTMAS"  danielle said shaking me "shhh" i said slamming my head on to the pillow "louis is coming over tomorrow with his family remember ?" ciara said "oh yay ! i'll see my boyfriend !" i smiled getting up and noticing it was snowing "its snowing !" i said looking at the window "yay !" danielle smiled we walked into my mam and dads room and they woke them up as we walked down stairs , dad opened the door and there was presents everywhere ! 


i went to mine where i seen two tickets to Ed sheeren and then i seen a ipad and a 50 euro itunes voucher i then seen two more tickets to spain ! "im going with lou" i shouted "thats why we bought them" my mam laughed then there was mac makeup and clothes and nail polish ! "i love you guys" i smiled "your welcome" they smiled as i opened my ipad i set it up 


'name: jennifer

email : Jenclarke< *not real*

number: *****

country: ireland 

age:18' i finished up and went to download stuff and twitter and logged in where louis tweeted 'happy christmas babe c you tomorrow <3xx @jenclarke' i retweeted it and then wrote a tweet '@louis_tomlinson happy christmas babe x / birthday have a nice present for you <3 xx cant wait' i tweeted and got a massage from louis 

so were public ;) just have to say to everyone :))) xxx what did you get of santa ;) xx-loubear<3

nice now i can kiss you in public ;) and loads guess who is going spain with me !!! xx-me

No way ! really your parents is letting you go to spain with me ! xx-loubear<3

yes :D july , the day of my birthday xx-me

good :) xxxx love you lots i need to go xxxx-loubear



"so lou is really aloud to come ?" i asked "yeah" my mam and dad said "I LOVE YOU!" i screamed hugging them 


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