The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


17. chapter 17

Jennifer's POV

Its been a week and im going home today and louis is going to Australia so is meeting niall tomorrow , he is going for 1 month and im starting collage . 


"ok well call me everyday ok ? and jen be safe and good luck in collage" jay smiled hugging both of us "thanks jay " i smiled , i said bye to lottie the girls as we boarded the plane "your family is so nice" i smiled , he smiled and we got onto the plane to go home . 



We landed in ireland and got a taxi back to mine , louis was going to stay in mine tonight 

"im so tired" i yawned "same , im going to miss you " he sighed as i got pillows down and blankets "come on sleep in my bed" i whispered since everyone was asleep "no ! " "yes" "no " "louis william tomlinson " i warned "nope " "lou its a double bed" i sighed "fine , but what about your dad ?" "noting " i replied "ok"he smiled kissing my forehead and getting into my bed , he wrapped his arms around my waist and i fell asleep in his arms 


I woke up and was still in louis arms "hey babe" i smiled kissing his cheeks "hey sexy" he said in is morning voice "your going to away today" i sighed "i know but you start collage this week" he smiled "i suppose " i smiled "Come on lets get ready i live in 2 hours " he smiled kissing me forehead 




We said our goodbyes at the airport and he and niall went to there plane "i miss him already"  i sighed walking back to my car and  driving home



*Start of collage*

I woke up at 6 o'clock and had a massage from lou

good luck today :) <3 oh and we go public next month :) xxxxx -loubear<3

thank you baby xxx and sure cant wait ! i have to get ready facetime you later and tell you about my day xxxxxxx <3 -me

Ok cant wait xxxx-loubear<3


i went to the bathroom , and had a shower , i let the hot water  run down my back

After 20 minutes i got out a put on a pair of skinnys and a blouse  with my white all stars . I curled my hair and applied my normal makeup , i grabbed my laptop and my phone with my bag and went down stairs "hello " i smiled getting an apple "hi babe , heres some money for lunch " my mam smiled "thanks , im going to go now see you later " i smiled walking out the door and going to my car "Here it goes my first day of collage!" i said to myself and started to drive


I pulled up and went inside where it had 'NEW STUDENTS HERE!' so i walked over there and sat down were i seen liz's daughter Claire "hey claire" i smiled "hey jennifer, you as nervous as i am ?" she laughed "super , i hope its ok " i said looking at my phone as it buzzed "whos that?" she smiled "my boyfriend" i smiled looking at the text

'Hey during christmas we should go on hoilday to pairs ? xxx miss you loads -loubear<3

i would love 2 but im in collage so stop texting me and get to work lazy bum xx -me

i am , im just on a brake :p xx ok byeeee jen- loubear<3


i smiled and then went back to talking with claire "WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IM YOUR HEAD MRS.TIM I WILL SHOW YOU AROUND TODAY AND GET YOU SETTLED IN " she smiled as we started to walk around


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