The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


14. Chapter 14

Louis' POV

We are finally finished our tour in The USA , now i get to see my jen , i missed her like hell , right now im on the plane to ireland , im staying in a hotel up the road from her . Oh ya and her debs is tomorrow ! 


The taxi man pulled into the hotel and asked for his fair "15.50 please" he said "thanks" i said handing him is money and getting out as he handed me my lugguge "are you louis tomlinson ?" he asked "erm ya?" i said more of a question "can i have an autograph for my daughter ?" he asked "ya sure , here whats her name" i asked "Melanie " he smiled "here you go" i smiled handing it to him "thanks " he said and drove off as i checked

"Name sir ?" she asked looking though her computer "Cian kolly " i replied using my hotel names so fans cant get in "number 345 3 rd floor " she replied giving me my key "thanks love" i smiled going upstairs when i got a phone call From jen

L: hey babe im at the hotel

J: yay , i'll drive over to see you , do you have your suit ?

L: yes and ok cant wait to see you babe

J: either can i ! right i'll see you in a bit

L: byeee


with that we both hung up as i walked into my hotel room 


Jennifer's POV

I walked into the hotel and asked for the guest cian kolly "room 345 3rd floor" she said not paying attention "thanks " i said walking up the stairs to the 3rd floor


I knocked on the door and seen louis kissing someone ! "Thanks louis means a whole fucking lot" i cried banging the door "Jen its not what it looks like " he shouted "Well it look pretty damn clear that you were kissing some slut ! " i cried "oh and dont call me jen , thats only people that i love say that" i cried walking out , i walked down to see my car getting tolled "Wait ! " i shouted as he drove off ,  i called my mam to tell her to pick me up (j-me M-mam)

J: mam please pick me up 

M: ya sure wheres your car and why are you crying 

J: i  tell you when you get here 

M: OK see you in 10 

I then hung up and started to cry even more 

"i finally got my parents to approve and he does this , last time i ever talk to him " i said chocking on my tears "Jennifer , i didnt kiss her back " a voice said that i didnt want to her "go away louis" "Please !" he begged "No louis , you were kissing a girl who was my cousin ! " i cried "what !" he said wide-eyed  "yeah thats my cousin you had your lips all over " i cried "jennifer" he said putting his arms around me "dont touch me" i growled as my mam pulled up , i walked straight to the car and told my mam everything while i was in tears , "what will i do about the debs" i cried "go with your friends" my mam said hugging me "Boys are basterds " i cried "shhh i know " she said rubbing my back "call up the girls and talk to them" she said as we walked in i ran up to my room and cried , i called the girls and they are coming over 


Louis' POV

Why wont she believe me ? why would i kiss her couisn ! she came in a put her lips on me i pulled away straight away and then jen came in , i have to talk to her 


I called a cab a told him were to go 

I pulled up and paid and ran into her garden and knocked on the door "i'll get it" jen shouted with a cry , she opened the door and seen me "im sorry , she put her lips on me !" i said "i dont need this shit louis " she sighed trying to shut the door "please can we just talk ?" "fine , up to my room" she said annoyed 

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