The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


11. chapter 11

Gary's POV *DAD* 

I walked down to her room and heard her talking to someone 

"i hate them both" she cried "shhh, no you dont , you dont mean it " the boy said "louis im not able to date you anymore!" she cried even louder "shhh we can skype or something" "no we cant im not allowed " she cried "shhh, babe shhh its ok" he said as she calmed down 


I walked in as she cried into his shirt "why are they so mean , i've aced all my exams and have a perfect record and i got accepted into the best collage and i do help out in the house " she cried "im sure you do jen , but let them realize that im not a stero type person from a boyband cause i have tattoos , and im a bit older i swer ask anyone the twins have more sense then i do " he laughed causing her to laugh "Jen ?" "go away dad" she replied "im sorry but i dont want you dating him" i said then she stood up "THATS THE THING ! YOU HATE ME FEELING HAPPY ! YOU JUST WANT ME TO GET THOUGH MY SCHOOLING AND LIVE A BORING LIFE ! I NEED A LOVE AND I FOUND HIM I LOVE HIM " she shouted at me "i dont want you dating him " i said back "go away dad , im going out" she said leaving the room then the boy louis followed giving me a death glare 


Jennifer's POV

"Jen wait" louis said "im the oldest and i've never dated anyone , they never let me like come on 11 year olds are dating people a 14 year old was dating a 17 year old ! your only 3 years older then me ! " i cried "Come on babe , lets go to the venue , we can get your mind of things " he said hugging me and kissing my forehead "Louis im sorry" i cried "for what?" "for my disapproving family" "jen, you are still there baby , im still my mums " he laughed "come on lets get paul to give us a lifted and lou can fix your makeup" he smiled as he called paul 


We got to the venue , and the fans where everywhere screaming "are you hard of hearing ?" i laughed "what ?" "are you hard of hearing" i shouted "no need to shout i heard you" he smiled "you gobshite" i laughed "but you love me" he said rolling the 'love' 

We got out and ran to the back door "ok come on lets go meet everyone " he smiled 

"hey lads" he smiled "WHERE WERE YOU " they all shouted "over in jens" he said hugging me "wait this is jen ?" harry said "yes i am jen" i smiled "she is hot" harry said "thanks but im taken" i smiled "by who" niall asked me and lou looked at eachother and laughed "im with lou and lou is with me" i said smiling "wow congrats" zayn smiled "thanks , does anyone have a makeup wipe , my makeup is all over the place" i asked "LOU ! " liam shouted "yeah liam , did your makeup come off ?" she asked "no but jen's is all over the place " he said pointing to me "oh come this way love i'll fix you up " she smiled "so are you and louis a thing? cause he likes you a lot" she smiled "yeah just today we started " i smiled as she removed the makeup "ohhh thats so cute me and tom are engaged ! i cant wait for the wedding " "oh thats so sweet ! my mam and dad dont want be dating louis though because he is 21 and has tattoos and they want be to focus on collage " i sighed "how old are you ?" she asked "turning 18 next week" i smiled "oh so your a soon to be birthday girl" she smiled "yep i got my birthday present ! i got a mini" i smiled "oh very good " she smiled "your finished , your skin is so nice and perfect" she smiled "thanks " i laughed as i walked over to louis and the boys with her "wheres lux ?" she asked "on the sofa with gemma" zayn said "oh ok " she smiled going over "come on jen , do you want to play with lux the boys are going on stage in a bit "okey bye boys" i smiled going over to lux and gemma "gemma jen , jen gemma" she smiled picking up lux "lux did you poo again ?" she said in baby talk "oops" lux said putting her hand on her mouth "oh she is so cute" i smiled "lux this is jen say hello" lou smiled "ello" she said smiling "hello lux arn't you cute" i smiled looking at her  

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