The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


10. chapter 10

Jennifer's POV

"where were you !" my mam asked "i was out with louis" i said fixing my hair "Jennifer what did we agree on no boyfriends till you finished collage !" "NO MAM YOU DID I DIDNT AND I WAS 11 !" i shouted "and he isn't" i whispered "come on lets go you dad and all are gone to the swimming pool" she said 

We walked out to the streets and walked up to the shops "here is a nice dress shop" i said going into Mac & co *made up*. We looked around and seen noting nice so walked back out to the busy streets "mam?" i asked "what?" "why dont you want be to hang around louis ?" "theres a shop over there" she said going over "mam answer my question !" "i dont want you around him over 2 reasons 1. he is in a teen boyband and 21 and 3. has tattoos " she replied "are you for serious ! mam he is a 21 year old but in mentally 5 and is so kind ! ya he has tattoos so what everyone does !  " i said looking around "i just dont want you to grow up and be heart broken" my mam called after me "im 17 turning 18 i have a car , can drive my leaving cert was all A's and 1 B ! i am grown up im going to collage ! you always said set your dreams 1 of my many dreams are to be friends with louis ! dont ruin it" i said walking out of the shop with tears forming "im going home" i replied going back to the hotel while she was speechless , i never talk back to her , but this time i cant hold it in anymore

i threw my bag on the ground and cried into my pillow "why is life hard" i cried then heard my phone ring the I.D was louis so i answered

"Hello?" i sniffed

"love are you crying ?" he asked

"no stuffed nose" i said wiping my tears

"come on stop crying , im out of the meeting will i come up to you hotel ?" he asked

"please " i replied

"ok i'll be there in 2 minutes im at the reception 301 right ?" he asked 

"yep " i said stopping the tears


i hung up then seen louis come in "come on babe be happy" he said going in to hug me i rested my head on his chested "lou my mam hates us even being friends , she thinks your to old and you have tattoos and she wants be to have a boyfriend after collage " i cried "shhhh, babe we'll sort it out let it sink in for them , they just want the best" he said stroking my hair "its hard" i cried wiping my tears "i know , did you find your dress ?" he asked "no "  i sighed "why dont you go to suger they have nice dress for proms or what you say debs " he smiled "tomorrow right now i just want to stay like this" i said sitting on the ground next to him "did anyone ask you yet ?" he asked "no " "well then , jennifer do you want a date for your special night ?" he said in his acting deep voice "yes i do" i smiled "then louis william tomlinson is asking you" he said in his deep voice "yes i would love to go" i smiled kissing his cheek , then ciara came in "jennifer?" she questioned "erm , yes?" i asked "why are you kissing louis tomlinson ?" "dont tell anyone please" i begged "20 euro when we get home and lifts everywhere" she barged "fine " i said rolling my eyes "good doing business goodbye " she smiled going back out "where were we ?" louis smiled "me getting ready the concert is in 3 hours" i said hitting him "cant it wait ?" he moaned "fans" i sang looking for clothes "help me choice " i said looking though the closest "what about this?" louis said taking out my baby blue mid-tight dress "ya looks nice with these" i smiled taking out a pair of black docs "and this" he said taking out a necklace my mam and dad got me for Christmas "good choice now let me get change " i smiled going to the bathroom


I came back out and then curled my hair and did my makeup , 

"lou wait her im telling them im just going to met you at the concert" i said going out to the lobby 

i walked down to there room where a angry dad and mam were sitting "YOUR DATING LOUIS ?" my dad yelled "dad listen , i was going to tell you soon " i said "no your not dating a 21 year old no fucking way" he said "DAD! "  "no , and get out of that stuff " "no dad im going to see them play " i said "no your not your grounded , you and me are going home tomorrow get packing" he said "NO DAD !" i shouted with tears "yes jennifer get packing we leave at 1 in the afternoon" he said 

I walked back out and ran to my room where louis was sitting "i hate him" i cried "whats wrong?" "im going home tomorrow and im not allowed to date you ciara ratted me out" i cried "shhhh babe its ok , we can skype and stuff " he said patting my back "no louis i cant ! im not allowed , your 21 and im only turning 18 next week ! " i cried "shhh " he said rubbing my back. 

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