The Follow Spree that changed my life

Jennifer has medium length hair , with green eyes and braces , she lives in ireland , dublin and is in her finale year of school ! then off to collage to study being a presenter


1. Chapter 1

 Chapter 1 ~follow spree~ 

jennifer's POV

After i finished my dinner i went up to my room , "Mam , im going on my laptop" i shouted shutting my bedroom door , i went on to my top bunk of my bed and set up my pink samsung laptop "Alright" my mam yelled back as she went to the sitting room, i logged into twitter , then my sister came in "GET OUT" I yelled "no its my room to "  my 13 year old sister said back "uh , just shut up" i moaned as i checked my twitter news feed ' @louis_tomlinson Having a little follow spree, just a small act of gratitude towards all you amazing people that put us where we are today :) ' i reread it and then started to get really hyper "YAY LOUIS IS DOING A FOLLOW SPREE !" "shut up jennifer" danielle *sister* said "or what im 17 your barley finished your first year , in secondary school" i laughed "and?" "and im older so im in charge " i sarcastically smiled "shut up" she said rolling her eyes and going back on her phone

I began to tweet louis '@louis_tomlinson FOLLOW ME LOUIS I LOVE YOU <3 PLEASE BE MY 1/5 "  I tweeted him 1000 times well it felt like that ... "Jennifer , Lisa wants to know will you mind lily ?" my mam yelled "ya sure ask her to pick me up" i yelled down , i shut my laptop down and got my shoes on , and put my hair is a messy bun , i fixed my makeup and then went downstairs "do you have your phone ?" my mum asked "yes i do , is little jay there ?" i asked "no he is in is grannys " "oh ok so thats going to be alot more easier " i laughed.

let me explain my couisn had lily was born in 2012 *its 2017 now this story is based on my life just 5 years ahead :) but the boys are the same age *   so she is 5 and jay is 10 now 

"she's outside see you later mam" i called and left to go to my older cousins car

"hey lisa" i smiled getting in "hey hun , thanks again" she smiled "its noting" i replied and lefted to go to her's 


*2 hours later* 

"Jay , dont hit lily like that!" i called "but jen , she took my car " "Jay she is 5 years younger then you !" i warned "fine, can i get a drink? " "ya go on ahead , so are you going disney land in 4 months ?" i asked him as lily was watching telly "yep the 26th of augest " he smiled "im starting collage then " i smiled "oh hate that " he laughed "i will be finished school before you " i laughed "thats not fair!" he moaned "yeah it is" i laughed at his reaction , then i felt my phone buzz

*text massage*

From lisa :

hey jen , i'll be back in 20 minutes is you dad picking you up ? or will i bring you ?

To lisa:

erm i think he is gone out to my auntie's there sorting out stuff thats going on so can you ?

From Lisa:

ye i will no problem , i'll be home is 20

to lisa:

alright byeeee


i put my sony xperia e back in my pocket and started to mess with lily

*half hour later*

"thanks for the lift lisa , bye jay bye lily bye lisa" i smiled "bye" was said though out the car , i waved and then walked up my garden to my house

"Mam im home" i smiled opening the door "alright baby , im in the kitchen , me and your dad want to talk to you" she said , i walked pasted my sitting room and went to the kitchen "well jen " my dad began "well.." i said gesturing him to continue "this is your choice now" they continued "please tell me ?" i begged "we buy you a new car or we build you your own room " my mam smiled "AHHHH I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU " I screamed as my mam held the car keys "where is it ?" i smiled "out the front , this is for completing your school and getting into collage" my dad added .

I walked out and seen a cream mini "How did you afford this ?!? " i asked shocked "well , your dad and i earned a small fortune " my mam smiled   "and we are building you your own room " they smiled "I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH" i shouted hugging them both "is that not uncool" my mam asked "i love you guys" i laughed hugging them tightly , i opened the car and sat in the driver's seat where i seen a note 'WE WON THE LOTTO AND ARE GOING TO FLORIDA FOR A MONTH , AND WE ARE GIVING YOU SOME MONEY TO LODGE IN THE BANK X' "mammy , daddy i love you soooooooo much" i smiled looking around in my new car "come on lets drive to the bank" my mam smiled getting in as i drove off 

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