One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


5. Weird Coinsidence

*Saturday Morning*

-Riley's POV-

I woke up, and yawned. I was so tired. I didn't really get that much sleep last night because I was a nervous wreck about Bridgett's party. 

I'll be honest with you, I wasn't really the "party type" kind of girl.  I mean, sure I like to have fun, and hang out with my friends, but I guess I never had the chance to dot hat anymore ever since I left Canada, and when my friends here left me.

I got out of bed, and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, then took a shower.

When I got out of the shower, my phone buzzed, I got a text:

(btw the number I'm going to use is a fake number that I'm making up, so DON'T call it, because it isn't me or anyone I know.)


From: 781-478-5967 - sent 9:08 am

Hey! It's Emma from Strat!


I was in shock, and so happy when I saw Emma texted me, I thought she forgot about me because she never called or texted me for all these years. I wrote back:

To: 781-478-5967 - sent 9:10 am

OMG! I missed you so much! Wait let me put you in as my contact aha. Why haven't you called or anything?

I changed the contact name so '781-478-5967' was now Emma<3.

From: Emma<3 - sent 9:11 am

aha. and I couldn't call anyone! lol remember? I never had a phone, and you don't have an email or anything, so how could I? but i FINALLY got my phone and guess what?!


To: Emma<3 - sent 9:13 am 

oh yea, aha my bad. and WHAT???


From: Emma<3 - sent 9:16 am

I MOVED! I'm in California right now! I have another surprise for you.. open your door.


OMG! Emma moved to California? That's so cool! Now I can actually have a best friend to turn to for trouble.

I was so excited, and ran down the stairs, and opened the door. It was Emma!

"OH MY GOD!" we both screamed, and ran to hug each other.

"I missed you SO much!" Emma said to me.

"I missed you too! I've been so a lone in California."

"Aww. Well I'm here now, baby."

That's what I've always loved about Emma, she was always there for me, even when we were like 10. I know it sounds stupid how we were so young and she "protected" me, but she was really comforting.

"Ry, come help me. Take my luggage." I looked at her weird. 

"Wait.. are you staying here?!"

"Oh yea.. I forgot to mention that?" she smiled at me.

I hit her shoulder "OW!" We both laughed.

"Wait.. but how? and when? and wha-?" I couldn't really thing straight.

"I told my parents that I wanted to go to college in California, and they said I could go if I really wanted to. And don't worry, Ry. I talked to you mom and dad, and they said they were cool with me living with you." I smiled at her. 

"Wait.. but why didn't you tell me sooner? I could've thrown you like a party or something!"

"No. No. It's fine really. I really wanted to surprise you anyway." She winked at me, and we both unpacked her suitcase into my room.

*phone buzzing*

I must have not heard it, but Emma did and grabbed my phone, she read the text.


From: Justin;) - sent 10:05 am

Hey baby girl :) I was just wondering if you're still on for tonight. Sorry if you felt like I was pushing you to go to the party, I never meant to <3


"Ooooo. Who's this, Riley? Your loooooover?" she made kissy faces at me. 

I took my phone away from her and gave her a "wow real mature" face. 

"You're such a child." I said to her, and laughed.

I read the text.

Awww, he called me baby girl? Are we even together? Ugh. I don't even know, but it was still really sweet of him to text me and made sure I wanted to go. Plus, now that Emma's here, I kinda want to.


To: Justin;) -sent 10:10 am

baby girl? aww, cutie ;) lol. and yea, I'm going. my friend from canada came over and I'm bringing her. You should come by later so I can introduce you to each other! :)


I looked up from my phone, and saw Emma still unpacking. I ran up to her and tackled her onto my bed, because when we were 8 we used to always tackle each other like that. 

We both laughed, and I asked her, 

"Hey, Em?"


"Um this girl at my school is throwing a party at her house later.. you wanna come?"

"YES! Oh my god, yes. finally, ever since I saw that text I was a little worried that you wouldn't invite me, aha."

"What?! Of course I would! Plus I really need your help on what to wear. I have absolutely nothing."

"Kay, I'll help. I need some new clothes, anyway. Let's go shopping!" 

Ahh. My favorite word. Of course, I never really shopped for nice clothes in California for a while because I didn't think that anyone would care, but now that Emma's here, I feel like I can be open again. 

I smiled at her and hugged her, "Let's go, NOW! We'll finish unpacking tomorrow."

She looked at me, and laughed. "Oh ok. And you say I'm like a child."

I glared at her, and just pulled her to the door.

"Wait! I need my purse, Ry!" 

I was was waiting for Emma to get her bag, and got a text.


From: Justin;) - sent 10:15 am

Sure, I'd love to see your friend. Is she hot? haha just kidding. I'll be there around 3.


... "is she hot?" I know he was joking, but that kind of made me feel uncomfortable. 


To: Justin;) -sent 10:16 am

Kay. sounds good :)



We were walking to the mall because where I lived it was only 10 minutes away, and we wanted to catch up. I told to her about the whole "Bridgett" thing and how my parents weren't around as much anymore. I knew I could trust her, so I even told her about Justin.

"Wait.. so are you or are you guys not dating?" I hesitated to answer her question.  "Well, I'm not sure. The other day he was going to ask me out, but then Bridgett came and interrupted it."

"Wow.. looks to me like Bridgett's jealous. Ry, you need to take him before it's too late."

"Now what makes you think that I would want to 'take' him? We're just friends." I gave her a quit it look. She knew I sort of had feelings for him. 

"Maybe, but I see the way you are whenever we talk about him, or when he texts you. You like him. Don't deny it."

Ok. Not going to lie.. she was really getting on my nerves. Mostly because she was right. I do like Justin, but I can tell that we're not going to work out.


We finally got to the mall, and went into Forever 21. I wanted to look a little different, so I decided to shop at stores that I don't ever go to. 

Emma saw this really cute black tight dress, and told me to try it on.

This was the dress:

I loved it, so we bought it and I was even more anxious. I've always hid my body figure and never really liked it because people would always judge me. But trying this on was like finding a new 'Me' a better, and more social 'Me'.

*Phone buzz*


From: Justin;) - Sent 2:45 pm

Hey, I'm on my way over, can't wait to see you, cutie ;)


Oh shit! I totally forgot about Justin coming over. I ran over to Emma and told her that we needed to go. She saw that I was rushing, so she said "fine." and we left.

"Sorry I was rushing you like that. I just totally forgot that I told Justin to come over because I wanted you and him to get to know each other." I said as I looked at Emma explaining. 

"Aww. You told him to come over just for me? And no worries!" 

"Haha good. And yea.. I want my best friend to get to know my best guy-friend."


We finally got home, and it was around 3:05, and I saw Justin's car in the driveway, and he was walking towards my house.


-Justin's POV-

I pulled up to the driveway at around 3:00 and went up to Riley's house. I was a little nervous because I think I actually liked her.

I rang the bell, but no one answered. I waited outside, and was disappointed because she wasn't home. I turned around, and saw two girls walking. I noticed Riley. 

"Hey! I thought you left me hanging!"

"Me? What? Never..." I glared at her. She laughed.

"No, I wouldn't forget about you." she winked at me. 

"I was going shopping with my fr-" Riley was interrupted when this girl that looked a lot like a girl I knew back from Stratford.


I looked at her closely, I recognized her. 



-Riley's POV- 


"Wa-wa-wait. You two.. know each other?"

"Uhm.. yea. We we used to date." Justin said. 




Oooo. weird. how did justin and Emma know each other? What's going to happen between Justin and Riley, or Riley and Emma, or even worse... Justin and Emma? -Lindsey


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