One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


16. Was it romantic?

-Justin's POV-

I took Riley's hand, and took her down to the beach. I put the blanket down, and put the umbrella down.


"Wow. You're all prepared."


"I'm Justin Bieber. Of course I am."


She playfully hit me, "Ahh so you're cocky too."


"Shut up Grey."


"Just being honest.."


I laughed, and kissed her cheek, she smiled. 




When I got everything set up, I reached out my hand towards Riley.

She looked over,




"Take my hand."


She looked away, "nope."



I frowned, "Why not?"



"Because you're lame." ;p << she stuck out her tongue, and ran out towards the water.



"Grey, you're gonna get it!" I ran after her, "You know I'm faster than you so don't try!" I yelled towards Riley.



"We'll see Bieber!" 






I caught up to her, and grabbed Riley into a bear hug.




"I told you I would've caught you."



"Whatever, put me down!"












She nudged me in the stomach,


"OW!" I started to fake cry to get Riley to feel bad.


"Baby, are you hurt? I'm so sorry, are you-"


I bursted out laughing, and hugged her.




She pushed me off of her, "You dick! I thought you were seriously hurt!"


"I was when you didn't hold my hand."


She glared at me, "Whatever."


"Riles, don't be mad. Here, take my hand. I mean it this time."


"Okay." she rolled her eyes, and held my hand.




I walked her down towards the water.


"No! Justin, I can't swim!"


"Riles, relax. I got you."


"No! I'm going to die."


I laughed at how she overreacted 


"Stop laughing! I'm serious." she glared straight at me.


I laughed in between, "Look, Riley I'm here. You won't fall or drown or-" *laughs*  "die while you're with me."


She crossed her arms, and still glared at me.


"Come on Riley. I promise you nothing bad will happen."


"You promise?"






-Riley's POV-

I hated the water, ever since I was 9. I was at one of my Emma's pool parties, I didn't really know how to swim so I just went for it and jumped in. Yea yea.. I know. Probably not the best thing to do.. so I almost died, but then her dad jumped in and saved me. And I will always remember hat day.


That was kinda why Emma and me were so close ever since. She was like my other half because I felt like I could trust her family with anything, and I could've trusted her. 


That was until she told me she still liked Justin...




But I pushed all that aside, and went back to Justin.


"Here, jump." Justin called out to me.


"What?" He's crazy if he thinks I'll jump into the water..




"Hell no!"


"Why not? I'll catch you."


I hesitated, "You promise me you won't let me drown?"


"Riley, of course I promise. Trust me baby, I love you and wouldn't lie to you."






I jumped, and Justin caught me.


"See? Was that so bad?"


"Shut up Bieber." I smirked.


He kissed me on the cheek, and nudged his nose against my ear.


"Stopp, that tickles." I giggled.


"Aw you're so cute when you laugh."


I blushed.


He grabbed my legs, so they were around his waste.

I put my arms around his neck, and began to play with his hair.




Justin moaned a little, and I kissed him on the lips.

He started to grab my ass tighter, which made me moan a little.


He licked my lower lip, asking for permission, which I gladly accepted.

We began to explore each other's mouths, and I pulled away.




I giggled.


"Why did you stop?" Justin asked.


"Aren't there people around us taking pictures or something? You said it yourself.. you're 'Justin Bieber' "


"They shouldn't be taking pictures. I asked my body guards to check the area before we were here. I told them to look out for people like those jackasses back there.


"Not all of them are bad.."


"No, but the majority of them don't care. They're just trying to make a living.. I understand that, but they'll twist up a story and make you look bad whenever they can."


I frowned, "Has that happened to you?"


Justin put me down on the shallow side.


"Look, today is not about them. It's about us. Wait here, I have a surprise for you."






I walked back to the blanket on the sand, and laid down to get some tan.


It was already like 4:00 pm but there was still plenty on sun because it's California.




Then a girl walked up to me.


"Are you the girl who's being seen with Justin Bieber?"


I looked up at her, and stood up.


"Uhm.. yea I guess. Why sweetie?"


"Don't sweetie me."


"Okay." I was about to lay back down and ignore her, but she grabbed my wrist.




"If you hurt Justin or do anything bad to him, I'm going to hurt you way more. Justin's mine, and since you and your slutty ass had him first, I can't be with him."


"Let go of my wrist!"


"I will once you promise me to never hurt Justin."


"I would never hurt Justin! Let me go please!"


"Fine," she let go of my wrist, ",but Justin is mine. Keep your disgusting mouth away from his you whore."


The girl walked away and I was on the verge of tears. 


What she called me was so rude. I wanted to say something back, but I couldn't. I knew how that would look on me, and how every single one of his fans will rip me to shreds if I yelled back at her.


I sat back down, and saw Justin coming over.




"Hey, what happened? I saw that girl walking away from you and you looked like you were about to cry. Who was she?"



I couldn't tell him what she said to me. He'll get mad at his fans, and I don't want that.


"Uhm.. nothing. She uh- stepped on my foot by accident, and it hurt so i got teary."


"Riley, you sure? Cause it looked more serious."


"I swear. She didn't say anything."


"Okay.. well come here, and take my hand."


"Why?" I faked a smile, and grabbed his hand.



I didn't feel happy so I faked a smile to show him that I was fine.



"Because something's waiting for you."



I laughed, and he walked me to a nice table with two seats and a lit candle...








Hey (: ! sorry i haven't updated in a couple of weeks. I've been really busy with school. 


How do you guys like the story so far? Feed back?


Thankss, ily







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