One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


1. Prologue

   Hey, my name's Riley. Riley Grey. Believe it or not, I used to have a lot of friends. Everyone would want to sit next me, and hang out with me. Then one day all of that disappeared. My friends had left me for Bridgett Rose. Ever since middle school, Bridgett and I never got along. She was always jealous of how I had more friends than her, and how everyone adored me. She would always go up against me in everything I did (Like talent shows, birthday parties, etc..). But all of that never mattered to me because I was doing something I love, and she wasn't going to ruin that.

  Flash forward, and we're in High School. Things were a bit more complicated. That was when I lost all of my friends, and I would have no one to turn to when I was hurting. I soon became the girl that everyone would always make fun of. At first, I didn't care, but it would get worse and worse. Then this boy named Justin went to our school. He was really cute, but I wouldn't have a chance.. at least that's what I thought.

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