One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


12. Just a little chat..

-Riley's POV- 

I stayed at Justin's place for the night. 


I was waken up by the beeping on my phone, I checked it.


missed call from mom


... my mom hasn't called me since a week ago. I called her back,


"Hey sweetie, did I wake you up?"

"Kind of.."

"oh, baby I'm sorry. but.. uh is it true?"

"Mom.. is what true?"

"That you and this 'Justin Bieber' boy is dating?"

"Uhm.. why is it any of your concern."


.. Ok. I know that was a little rude because she's my mom, but the only reason why I had a tone was because all she cared about was the fact that I'm with an international pop star.. not the fact that I'm her daughter and she didn't even give a crap about how I was doing.


"Riley! You're my daughter! I need to know what goes on with your life."

".. well you're never around to care so.."

"Riley, mommy and daddy have been busy."

"Stop talking to me like I'm some kid! I'm practically 18, and I know you are.. but you only call when it has something to do with you.. now why do you want to know who's I'm 'dating'?"

"Riley.. it's only a simple question. Are you or are you not dating Justin?"

I sighed, "it's true."

"Ah!! You're al over the news, hun!"

"..that's amazing. Look.. mom, I got to go. bye"

"bye sweetie."


***I hung up***


Right when I was about to put my phone down, I got a text.

It was from an unknown number..

I was too tired to check it, so I left it a lone, and got back to bed.


When I laid in bed again, Justin rolled over and whispered,

"Is everything okay, baby?"

"Yea.. I guess. My mom just called to see if I was ok."

"Are you sure? It sounded a bit more serious."

".....Justin, were you eavesdropping?"


He flipped over so now he was on top of me,


He was pinning me, so I couldn't get up.

"Justinnnnn why?"

"Because I care about you, and your mom does too. She might not be here, but she's still your mom, and loves you."


I hated when he was right... 


I sighed, "You're right... but I'm not calling her back."

He kissed me gently on the lips and pulled away slowly, "no one said you needed to."


I smiled, and flipped him over, so now I was back on top,



I jumped out of bed, and grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of shorts from Justin's closet, since I didn't have anything to wear.


I was about to go into the shower, then Justin stopped me.


"Where do you think you're going?", he pinned me against the wall.

"I need to take a shower, Justin.

"Oh.. weird. So do I,"

He was whispering into my ear, and he knew that that would turn me on,

"we can save water."

I love Justin, but he's probably the horniest guy I ever met. 


Since I was stronger than Justin, I got out of his grip, and pinned him against the wall,

"I'll tell tmz that bieber's going green." I said with a wink, and ran to the bathroom, and closed he door.


"ha ha ha, funny Grey"


I peeked out in the door, and stuck my tongue out, I knew he liked it when I did that, so I kept on doing it to tease him ;P


-Justin's POV-

I was planning to head out to the beach today. I set up a whole date, and seeing how Riley's morning started out, I think she'll like it. 




Riley finally got out of the shower, and I told her I wanted to take her to the mall.

"Justin.. why would I want to go to the mall?"

"I wanted to get you something."


"Something for later."

"What issss it?"

"Well, I was going to take you to the beach later. We could go bikini shopping." I winked.


I saw Riley blushing, so I lifted her chin up, and kissed her softly. I pulled away slowly, and she bit her lip. 

God, she's so sexy when she does that.


"Uhm.... okay." she smiled. 


I smiled back, "Ok, come down stairs when you're all ready."




I ran downstairs.

It didn't take Riley that long to change.. AGAIN, I really loved how she's so fast, and yet she looks absolutely adorable. 


"I'm ready." Riley hugged me from behind.


"Ok, let's go." I kissed her cheek, and we headed out to my car outside. 




There was paprazzi swarming around outside the private neighborhood. Damn it.. how are we going to get out without them trying to stop us, and asking the questions? 



I looked over at Riley, she wasn't there.. 


What the hell..where is she? Then I looked over at the gates where the paparazzi were, she was standing there smiling and talking to them.


-Riley's POV-

We went outside, and both us saw the huge amount of paparazzi swarming outside of the private neighborhood. 


I looked over at Justin, and saw him so frustrated. I knew he was trying to figure out a way for us to get passed them, and to get passed them safely. I knew that... but to be honest, it didn't really bothered me. 


I knew once me and Justin ever went out in public, that this was going to happen. I was ready.. that was the reason why I told justin I wanted to go out in public. I loved Justin, and I wanted at least some people know in this world to know that..




Everytime I looked at Justin, he just kept on stressing. 


So I figured I would just walked to the paparazzi and have a little chat with them.

I guess Justin didn't notice me going there because he barely looked at me. 




I walked over to them, 


A man replied to me,


"Hey sweetie, how are you?"


"I'm good! Thank you."


"Can we ask you some questions?"


"Of course!" I smiled at him.


"Are you and Justin Bieber going out?"


... I saw these things on tv. You don't always have to be straight forward with them.


"Well.. we went outside yesterday." We both laughed.


"ahahaa ok.. but are you both an item?"


"Me and Justin have been a lot closer, he's a really nice guy."


By the man could respond, Justin walked over. 

I guess he saw me talking to the guy.


"Hey, man. Do you mind backing up? Me and my friend would like to head out, and we wouldn;t want to hurt anyone while we're backing out."


"Yea, sure JB."


It was a good thing Justin came a long.. I didn't feel like answering anymore 'Me and Justin' questions.







:) please please please comment your feedback. I feel like no one is reading the story :(

and I'm not sure if I should update :/ 






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