One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


9. Interesting Morning..

-Justin's POV-

I woke up from a buzzing in my phone. My eyes were still really sleepy, so I didn't bother checking it. 

My arms were wrapped around Riley, and she was still asleep. She looked so cute asleep. I couldn't help but kiss her, she was the cutest thing. 

I looked over at the clock and it was 10:40. I had to go out and buy breakfast because I wasn't expecting to have company, so I didn't have anything at my house for her to eat.

I lightly slid off the bed, and wrote her a note, saying:

Baby, i'll be back soon. Just got to get a few things for my little Rileybear. I love you ;*

Yea.. it was a little cheesy. Especially the part where I put "Rileybear", but that was my going to be my new nickname for her. 

I took a pair of basketball shorts out of my drawer, and a t-shirt out of my closet, and grabbed my phone.

I checked my messages, and got this text from an unknown number.. I checked it. 

Aww the beauty's sleeping with the beast,how cute. Guess drugging her didn't work.. better luck next time right?

... what? Who the fuck was this person? They were the ones who drugged Riley?

I quickly looked over at Riley, just to make sure that she wasn't awake or heard the buzzing. 

I wanted to get some stuff for her before she woke up, but I wasn't comfortable leaving her a lone.. especially after this text.


I ran down stairs to look in the cabinets. Turns out, I found some pancake mix so I decided to make her my famous "Bieber Cakes" ... don't judge. My house, my food, my name for my food. 


I was done with everything and went upstairs to check up on Riley. I went into my room, and she was gone. 


"RILEY! RILEY!" I was running around my room panicking. Then I saw someone peeking out of the bathroom.


"Riles?" phew, "Oh thank god, you're okay." I hugged her for what seemed like forever. She was so precious. But then I realized that she only had on her bra and some sweat pants. I looked up, and I saw her blushing.

"Oh.. um.. sorry." 

She giggled,

"It's fine, aha. A little awkward, but how sweet of you to care about me." 

She closed the door, and put on her old shirt and some sweats she had on earlier, and walked out.

I smiled when she came out, and she blushed.

"Why wouldn't I care about you? You're my girlfriend."

"I am?"

*Awkward Silence* 




-Riley's POV-

Justin stared at me with a questioned look,

"Why wouldn't I care about you? You're my girlfriend."

I was? We just met about 2 days ago.. 

"I am?" 


There was an awkward silence between us, mainly because Justin didn't know what to say next.

"Oh.. yea. It's only been like 2 days. Sorry, I forgot.. but I just feel like I've known you longer than that.. kinda like I've known you forever."

I smiled at him. That was the sweetest thing, and I have to say. I felt the same.

"Yea, I get it. I feel the same."

Justin smiled, and opened his arms, motioning me to come give him a hug. 

I crossed my arms, and stuck out my tongue, and ran away into the bathroom.

"HEY! OPEN UP! I waaaant my huuug" Justin was pounding the door.

"No, go away I'm taking a shower!"

"Fine. When you're done, meet me downstairs, I made you something."

He made me breakfast too? Aww that's so nice.

I peeped out the door and said, "kay." and closed it as fast as possible.

-Justin's POV-

She peeped out of the door,


That was just adorable. 




-Riley's POV-

I got out of the shower, and dried my hair.

I wonder what Justin made me.. I didn't really care, though. It was still so sweet of him to make me breakfast. And the note that he left was adorable! I laughed because it was a little cheesy, but I smiled a lot through the note because it was the cutest thing ever.


I looked around for a blow dryer, and I found it in one of Justin's cabinets.

I plugged it in, and began to blow dry my hair. 

After that, I grabbed one of Justin's t-shirts and basketball shorts, and put them on. 

I hope he didn't mind.. I didn't have anything else to wear.

I was ready, and jogged downstairs.


Justin heard me coming down, "Hey cutie."

"Heyyy," I smiled, "where's my foooood?"

I saw him laugh, "what?"

"Nothing.. You just look so cute when you're hungry."

"Juuustinn stooop."

"Stop what, babe?"

"You keep calling me 'cutie' and 'baby'.. and I get shy.." I looked down at my feet.

Justin walked over and lifted my chin, "Baby, we're together. I only say you're cute and beautiful because you are. And I'm probably the luckiest guy ever."

I smiled and gave him a hug. I wanted to kiss him so badly, but I wasn't sure if we were even "there" yet.. if you know what I mean.

-No One's POV-

Riley hugged Justin and they hugged for what seemed like forever. 

Riley pulled away, and looked into Justin's eyes. She thought to herself "his eyes look so warm and caring"

Justin looked in her eyes, too, and Riley had hazel eyes that would have brown streaks if you looked closely. 

Justin was leaning closer and closer, and so was Riley.


Their lips finally touched.

Both pulled away slowly, 

there was nothing but silence in the room as the two kept their gaze.

Justin and Riley couldn't help but smile, and cherish the sparks that flew during their first kiss.




-Justin's POV-

There was nothing but silence after our kiss. It felt so right.

I didn't want to break it because I knew that it would ruin the moment.

... but

someone had to say something at some point, right?


When I felt that the mood was right, I broke the silence.


Riley chuckled, "yea.."

"Uhm.. that was-"

"perfect." Riley interrupted smiling.


I looked at her and grabbed her hands, "here, sit down. I'm gonna show you what I prepared for this morning." I winked at her, and she blushed.

She looks so cute when she's shy. I don't know why she always blushes when I compliment her, she's beautiful and perfect... and I needed her to know that. forever.




-Riley's POV-

"Juuuuustinnn what did you make meee. I'm huuungry."

"Baby, calm down. It's right here."

Justin put the pancake plate in front of me,

"Aw, thank you so much for the pancakes baby. I love them!"

Justin coughed "Bieber Cakes"


"Bieber cakes? OMFG Justin"

"..What? My house, my food, my name for my food for my girl."

"Whatever Justin. I swear you're the cheesiest guy ever."

I could see Justin frown a bit

"I love it." I said, then he shot his head up and went over to me, and pecked my cheek.

He was the sweetest guy ever. I'm the luckiest girl ever :)




"Baby! Are you done with your 'Bieber Cakes' yet?" Justin yelled from upstairs.

What the hell is this boy talking about.. I've been done for the past 45 minutes, and I've been sitting here waiting for his ass to come down.

"Justinnn I finished them a while ago! I've been waiting for you!!"

my man.

"Oh, sorry baby! Be down in a minute!"

"Okay! HURRY!"

I'm not very patient..


I was sitting on the couch watching tv, then I heard a phone vibrate. It was Justin's.

hm.. he left it on the table.

I went over to check if it was anything important.

"Unknown Number" just texted

Unknown number? Hm.. let me check it.


Hey baby, thank you for last night. Don't worry, I'll keep our dirty little secret from Riley. Enjoy her, justy. See you next time ;) ;**



Riley.... calm down. Maybe something happened with the Justin and a girl awhile ago.. and he didn't want to say anything to you because he didn't want to hurt you..







-Justin's POV-

I was done with everything, and hurried downstairs to take Riley out. 


I walked downstairs, and saw her with my phone..


She looked at me,

"What are you doing with my phone.."


"How the fuck could you!"

Oh no...

"Baby, I did it to protect you! Please don't get mad."

"What the fuck are you talking about Justin?!?! You had sex with some girl to protect me?"


"I don't know... HOW ABOUT YOU TELL ME."

She showed me the message.. 

"Riley.. I- I-"

"Can't think of an excuse for cheating on me? HA.. I figured."

-Riley's POV-

Justin came down, and I showed him the text.

He just kept on stuttering.. WHICH MEANS IT'S TRUE. HE DID CHEAT ON ME.

"I can't believe you! UGH."

I ran upstairs as fast as I can.


I ran to his room, and shut the door on his face, then locked it.

"Riley! Please open up!"


"Riley, it's my room!"

"I don't care.. go away."

"PLEASE! Can I just explain?!"






Eeeep! Sorry if I havent updated in a while. School.. school... school.. ugh. Trust me, I hate it. But I decided to change "Jiley" up. and yes.. I know. That's Miley&Justin's ship name, but since Riley has 'iley' in it I decided to do the same.. aha. Plus I ship Miley&Justin aka the real Jiley, so it works out. lol. just don't get confused when I use "Jiley" throughout the story.










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