One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


23. I promise

-Justin's POV-

We got to my house and I looked over at Riley, "You nervous?"

She rolled her eyes at me then said, "Justin why do you keep doing that?"

"Doing what?"

"Asking me if I'm nervous and saying 'good luck'. Does your mom have something against me or?"

"No no no. It's just I haven't really told her about the tour thing and you coming on tour with me.."

"Justin!" she punched my shoulder.

"Ow! But I deserved that."

"Ya think?" I could tell she was mad.

"Look I'm sorry but I was too excited."

"Clearly." There was an awkward pause then she continued.

"I only said yes because I thought everything was planned out.. Justin you're leaving tomorrow and your mom doesn't even know that I'm going with her son for 5 months.."

"Well she does now. I told her a little earlier.."


"She wasn't too happy but she said she wanted to meet you!"

She sighed. "I don't know. Maybe.. maybe this was all too soon."

I was shocked, "what?"

She looked away and stared outside the window. We were still in the car, not moving anywhere.

"Justin.. I don't know this is too much."

i grabbed her hand, "baby. no it's not.. you said it yourself it feels like we've known each other for a while."

She pulled her hand away, "Justin this isn't a fairytale..." 

That hurt. 

"Maybe your mom and every other social media article is right. Maybe we are moving too fast."

I was starting to tear up, but I wouldn't let myself.

"Riley what are you talking about? Since when did you take advice from articles you read? Riley, I love you."

"..and I love you." I was a little relieved.. but I could sense there was a 'but' coming.

"But.." knew it, "I don't think I should go on tour with you. We could talk on ichat and text each other right? 5 months isn't that bad."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Just days ago we planned everything. The places, the cities, the people we'd see.The foods we would try. And now everything's ruined. 

"But I'm gonna miss you so much. Riley, please."

"No Justin. I think this will be better for the both of us."

I pouted, "If that's what you want."


-Riley's POV-

He pouted, "If that's what you want."

No. It's not at all what I wanted. I wanted to spend every second, every minute with him. I wanted to go to all the cities and places we planned to go. I wanted to meet the people we sai we would meet. I wanted to try the all the foods that we thought about trying. Everything. But I knew one of us had to say the truth.. and it wasn't going to be Justin. 

I swallowed, "It is."


There was another awkward pause but then he looked over at me. 

"So what are we now then?"

I could feel the tears that are about to stream down my cheek as I was about to say this.

"How about friends?"

'Friend' I didn't like that word for me and Justin. Truthfully, we were never really friends to begin with.. sure we flirted here and there but everything just happened so fast that I wasn't able to open my eyes and see that all of this wasn't reality. 

He took a deep breath and unbuckled his seatbelt. Then he turned towards me and reached out for my hands, as I reached for his.

"Riley Grey. I promise you we will be the best of friends while I'm on tour. I promise you that I will love you forever. I get what you're saying when you say we're moving too fast. But I will promise you that by the time I get back from touring we'll be like those old couples who know too much about each other and are sick of each other," I laughed. "I promise."

That was the last straw. Before I even said a word tears were already rolling down by eyes and down my cheeks. He cupped my face and dried my tears with his thumb, "don't cry."

I smiled and let out a chuckle, "I'm not." 

He smiled and gave me a hug. We pulled away and I looked into his eyes again. "Uhm Justin. I can walk home. Tell your mom I'll be excited to meet her in another 5 months."

"No. Riley that isn't necessary. Just come inside and hang with the Biebers for just a night until I leave tomorrow. You could even stay the night."


"Don't worry I won't try anything. No kisses nothing."

I sighed, "Are you sure?"


What's up with this boy and promises haha.

I smiled, "Ok."


Justin's POV

I didn't want to be Riley's friend but if this was the only way to get her to be finally mine, then I would do anything. 

I'm happy she agreed to meet my mom at least. They can get to know each other and it won't be as awkward anymore.... I hope. 


We were walking up to my doorstep and she looked at me "Are you sure you want this, J?"

I looked at her like she was crazy.

"More than anything, Riley."

she smiled and I grabbed the keys from my pocket and unlocked the door .

My mom was waiting in the kitchen. "Honey? Are you home with your girlfriend?"


I knew this was going to be awkward as hell because I just told her a while ago that Riley was my girlfriend and now I have to tell her that Riley is just my friend.. great.


"Uh yea mom I'm here with my friend Riley."

We walked into the kitchen and my mom looked at me funny. "Justin you don't have to be embarrassed to say she is your girlfriend."


And with that she went over to Riley and shook her hand. 

"Hi Riley, my name is Pattie! I've heard so much about you!" she smiled.

Riley smiled back and said "Hi Mrs. Bieber!" 

"Sweetie it's just Pattie and if you must feel so polite please call me Mrs. Mallete." 

Jesus mom..

I took my mom to the side and told her that Riley and I decided to be just friends.

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. I hope this isn't because of me."

"No, mom. really. We just decided that things were going too fast and maybe 5 months off is what we needed. We wanted to take he time to get to know each other even better."

My mom smiled and I knew she was happy. She was probably the only one in this situation that looked thrilled. 


We both walked to Riley and my mom said "Well RIley, make yourself at home. Justin can sow you around the house." she smiled.


"Thank you Pattie."




I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY. I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH. I haven't updated in so long omfg and when I logged in this morning I saw so many you guys saying "please update" and I felt so bad. I promise and hones to God that this will NEVER happen again. Cross my heart and hope to die. 

Love y'all and hope u enjoyed this chapter :)


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