One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


18. Decisions, decisions.

-Justin's POV-

I loved it when Riley smiled, it makes me smile. I loved the way her eyes are a light blue that shines underneath the moonlight. 

When Riley seemed done with her food, I took her hand and we went to the dock near the pier. 

I motioned for her to sit on my lap, and we watched the sunset.

"This is beautiful Justin." she looked at me smiling.

I smiled back and looked out into the sunset again.

"I always did this back in canada with my grandparents. I spent a lot of my time with them as a kid.. more than my parents actually." 

I sensed Riley was curious why I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. She finally asked, "Why didn't you spend a lot of time with your parents?"


I never told anyone about my family, but I trusted Riley. Even when I went out with Emma, and our parents were friends, I never told her about my family. I thought Riley was different. Riley seemed like she would always be there for me, which was one of the things I loved about her.


I let out a breath, "Well, um.. I haven't told anyone this. Even Emma... but my mom had me when she was 16."

She looked surprise, but she held it in and held my hand. Then she motioned me to go on.

I started to feel tears to my eyes when I started to tell the story,

"She was really young," *sniffs* "and um.. well we didn't have a lot of money. And she went through a lot as a kid. My grandmother told me stories about my mom before she had me. She did a lot of things that she wasn't proud of.. to a point where she was going to take her own life."

Tears began coming down my face.

"Then.. My dad and my mom split when I was conceived. But he was always there for me and still stuck around so he wasn't a total dead beat." I giggled. 

I looked at the corner of my eye, and saw Riley shedding a tear.

I smiled and kindly laughed at her, "Riless, why are you crying?"

I hugged her tight.

She chuckled, "It's just," *sniffs* "No one has ever been that open to me before.. and I WAS wrong about you. I thought you were the typical pop teen... but you're a lot more than that."

I smiled, "Well.. I can be a 'typical pop teen' when I want to be. Being  heartthrob has its perks, Riles."

She slapped my arm, "Don't ruin it Bieber."

I laughed, "haha fine."




"Justin.. can I meet your mom?"

I was caught off guard.

"My mom? Why?"

She gave me a look, "Do you not want me to?"

I looked down, "No, I do. Trust me.. but we I don't know if you'd want to."

"Justin, obviously I wanted to.. or I wouldn't of asked you in the first place aha."

I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Well, if that's what you want.. how about Friday after school? You could come to my place and have dinner with us too."

"That sounds perfect. But we have to stop at my house first. I want to make a good impression on your mom."

"Riley, you're perfect the way you look after school."

She frowned, "No, I don't Justin. I really want your mom to like me.. you're special to me. And from what I hear about your mom.. she's my hero."

I took Riley's hand, "Riles, I know how you feel. I saw you on my first day at school. Everyone picked on you. But please listen to me when I tell you this:

Please don't be insecure about anything. You're beautiful.. everything about you is unbelievably beautiful. Riley, I love you and your imperfections."


-Riley's POV-

By the time Justin was done, I was already in tears. No one has ever said that to me before.

Justin was the nicest person I've ever met. I feel so safe around him. 

"Thank you Justin." I gave him a hug and laid my head next to his neck. I never wanted to let go, and neither did Justin. 

"Anytime baby girl."




We stayed on the dock until it was dark. I told Justin that it's getting late and cold and that I wanted to get going. He nodded, and carried me bridal style to his car.


"Whaaat Riley"

"Stop treating me like a princess."

We stopped and he looked me in the eyes, "I will never stop treating you like a princess because you are my princess. My one and only. I love you." 

I blushed as Justin caressed my cheeks.

He brushed his lips onto mine and we shared another kiss.


We pulled away, and he carried me all the way to his car.




I got out of the car and kissed Justin on the cheek and unbuckled my seat belt.

"Thank you for the perfect dinner."

"It was perfect wasn't it."

"Yes it was."

I opened the car door and made my way up to my house.

I heard footsteps running towards me so I turned around. It was Justin.

"Do we really have to say goodbye?"
I looked at him with a frown, "We'll see each other tomorrow, okay baby?"

"But I don't want to spend a night without you. Justin was pouting and acting like he was about to cry.

I couldn't help it, it was so cute.

"Justin there's nothing I can do. We have school tomorrow."


He looked at the floor looking disappointed. "Can I stay for the night?"


I would actually love that.. it's a little boring staying home alone. Even though Sophie's there, she doesn't always stay for the night. 

I sighed, "Fine. But no funny business."

He smiled, "Deal."


I opened the door and put the keys on the counter. I looked over my shoulder to see if Justin's there.. he wasn't.


No.... not this again.

"Justin this isn't funny.." I kept on calling his name.. but there wasn't an answer.

"Justin.. I'm serious!" If he's planning to jump and scare me, he can forget about staying for the night.


I heard the door shut, and turned around. No one was there, then Justin jumped up behind me and picked me up.



-Justin's POV-

Riley's reaction was priceless. I couldn't stop laughing.

"I HATE YOU! You know how I feel about being alone like that! How could you." 

She kept on punching me

"Ow!" then another "Ow! Riley I'm sorry it was just a joke."

"ugh you can forget about staying for the night."

"what? why? you said you didn't like being alone."

She glared at me and walked upstairs.






I didn't leave yet. I stayed downstairs for about half an hour more then decided to come up stairs. I never meant to hurt Riley.. I loved her. I just loved to joke with her like that.



She closed the door. 

"Riley please open up."

It took a while for her to respond

"I thought you left."

"I would never leave."

She opened the door and laid down on her bed.

I walked towards her, and wrapped my arms around her waist. 

"Why were you so scared? I know it must've been scary because I sneaked up on you but I never seen anyone's face turn so green in my life."


She turned around, "It was. Ever since what happened to me at that party I'll never feel safe again. When I met you and we started to hang out more I thought I was safe with you.. and now I'm not sure."


I held her hand and looked her in the eyes, "Riley, I love you. I'll never do that to you again. I get it with Chaz and everything but know that I won't let anybody hurt you. You're my rileybear, the one and only and I'll protect you forever."







It was about 10 and Riley was already passed out. She sleeps like an angel I thought

I wasn't really tired so I turned on the tv in her room and watched family guy. 


-10:53 pm-


I checked my phone, it was Scooter.

(S- scooter, J- Justin)

S- yo justin you still up?

J- yea what's up?

S- the believe tour is going to be earlier than scheduled. 

J- what? how early?

S- ...we're leaving in 2 days. 

J- what? 

S- today's Sunday.. we're leaving on tuesday

J- no scoot I can't! What about Riley?

S- ohh rileys that girl you've been dating right?

J- yea.. i think i love her.

S- aw justin loves a girl

J- shut up.

S- I heard kenny loves her. and she seems like a nice girl. you could ask her to come on tour with us if you want

J- really??

S- yea sure. just make sure her parents are cool with it.

J- kay i got to go see you on tuesday.

S- bye.


hangs up


How am I going to explain this to Riley....







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