One Love

Everyday Riley Grey would go home from school, and cry her heart out because she never felt loved. She was always bullied and pushed around most of her life. Then one day, Justin Bieber, pop music's new sensation visited their school and made it even worse for Riley. Mainly because she liked Justin, and she thought that Justin would make fun of her. But what happens if what Riley thought was the opposite? What if it's not? Guess you have to find out... ;)


6. Awkward

I was speechless.

"But it was a while ago." Emma said to me.

"Yea. We dated when I lived in Stratford, we're good friends now." Justin added.

I looked at them both. "Wait.. Em, when you told me you had a boyfriend a long time ago.. was that Justin?"

She looked at me a little shamed "Yes."

I didn't know what to say. I mean, hear I was falling in lo- I mean starting to like Justin, and now Emma and Justin might be back together?

"But Ry, that was a while ago. Please don't tell anyone.. especially the media. They'll bust my ass."

I looked at him like he was so insensitive and selfish. Ok call me a hypocrite, but the "media" thing can be mentioned later.. it just wasn't appropriate.

"Don't worry."

I walked past both Justin and Emma, and went upstairs, and locked the room. I didn't know what to do.. Am I overreacting? Damn it. I always do that.

I heard a knocking.

"Riley, open up."

I opened the door, it was Justin. 

He grabbed my hands, and looked me in the eyes.

"Me and Emma are history, ok? I have my eyes on someone else who makes me really happy, and I hope that she feels the same."

I smiled and nodded.

I saw Justin trying to lean in for a kiss, so I leaned in too. 

We kissed, and it was magical. It was like fireworks. We both pulled away slowly, making it even more sweeter.

"Wow." Justin said.

"What?" I was a little worried.

"No. Nothing. It's just now this girls make me even more happy." He smiled and winked at me.

I saw Emma walking into the room.

"If you two are done making out, some of us would actually like to show some booty at a certain party now, please." 

I laughed, and she ran over to me and tackled me. I was pretty surprised.

"Riley. You know I wouldn't do that to you right? Me and Justin are just friends. We're done. It's your time to experience the Biebs."

I laughed because she would always know what to say. I hugged her, and she hugged me back.

"Ok. Justin, get out."

"Wh- why?"

"We have to change, pervert."

I laughed at Emma, and she smiled back. Justin made a "ha ha very funny" face, and walked out.


We took about half an hour to dress, and put on make up. Normally, it would take an hour or two, but since we're running late and its just a back to school party, we didn't do much.

We were both ready, and walked down the stairs. 

Justin looked at us and mouthed "wow" and would look at me, and bite his lips.


I punched him. "Ow!"

I stuck my tongue out, and he grabbed my waist, and pulled me in for a kiss. 

He's the sexiest guy ever. God. 

I saw Emma feeling uncomfortable, so I pulled away. Justin didn't know why, but when I gestured my head towards Emma, he knew.

"Don't feel bad, Em. I have a surprise for you." he winked at her.

-Justin's POV-

I knew somehow Emma would feel jealous or uncomfortable with me and Riley going to together, and how she's going to be a lone, so I called up a friend.

"Knowing Emma, I knew she was going to be lonely so I called up a friend." Emma glared at me, but I knew she was going to thank me later.

I opened the door, and Chaz walked in.

-Riley's POV-

I was really happy that Justin did that. I mean more private time for us at the party, right? 

Then he opened the door, and my heart just dropped. Right there, and then. It was Chaz. Chaz Somers.. he hasn't changed at all. But I did.

"Chaz! Sup, man." Justin said to him.

"Justin, my man." they both laughed and gave "man hugs". Me and Emma were just awkwardly standing there while they were talking. Then it looked like Chaz remembered why he was here.

"So Justin.. who's the babe I'm taking?"

Justin pointed to Emma. It looked like Chaz was a little disappointed because he kept on looking over at me.

"Nice. Nice."


We headed to the car, and all I was thinking was "What the hell.. does he remember me or is he just fucking with me" I couldn't stop looking over at him, and every time that I did, I saw him looking at me. This was going to be a very very long night.




Sorry if this was a little short, but the next chapter is where all the drama is going to be and I didn't really know what to do with this chapter except just say that Chaz is back, and what will the future hold for Justin and Riley or even Chaz and Riley.. aha. The next chapter will be up tomorrow, promise. -Lindsey

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