Harry and Ginny, No Matter What!

This is about Harry and Ginny's love as they face the troubles of family and school. This is not meant to be accurate and I own nothing although I wish I did.


1. Kings Cross Station

I remember the first time I saw Harry very clearly. We were at Kings Cross station. I was too young to be going to Hogwarts that year so I was watching Ron, Percy, Fred and George. I noticed a boy around Ron's age stood watching us and when he finally plucked up the courage to come over I saw he had the brightest green eyes imaginable and the cutest smile. He brushed his messy, black hair out of his eyes and smiled at me. I blushed and looked at the ground. I remember him asking how to get onto the platform and...


"You're not boring them with that story are you Ginny? All I saw was this plain looking ginger kid who looked lonely so I smiled at her! No, I saw a beautiful, young girl with the cutest freckles and hazel eyes." 


Anyway before I was rudely interrupted by Harry there. Lets return to the story, my mum told him to run through the wall onto the platform and she asked me to show him how. He held out his hand and I took his hand. Together we walked onto the platform and I helped his get his trunk into the carriage. I whispered, " Good luck!" and then the train pulled out of the station, I waved until the train was out of sight and he was on his way to Hogwarts. I looked miserably at the ground. I would have to wait till next year before I could go to Hogwarts and home was so lonely without Ron there, I hoped he and Harry would become friends.



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