Unexpected Surprise

Liam Payne has a little sister that he never knew about, when he coming home from tour he's in for a little surprise…will he take it well? When he finds her will he become over protective of her? Find out when you read "unexpected surprise"


6. Shopping with the boys

At the mall sam's POV: we walked into the mall and girls were already asking for autographs and some asking who I was, I got some good comments and of course some bad like 'who is she' and 'she's ugly must not be his girlfriend' 'isn't she a little young to be his girlfriend?' Or ' why is he even with her she's a slut and probably a bitch who starts drama' I looked at the girl saying that and thought 'girl look who's talking' and 'your calling me a girl with sweatpants and a sweatshirt a slut Hun have you looked in the mirror lately or is the mirror not big enough for you even to see yourself?' Sorry I no that was mean but come on she was wearing the most slutiest clothes I've ever seen she was wearing a tight mini skirt with a really tight tank and lets just say she was defiantly one of those people who were plus sizes in clothes it was not a pretty sight at all it was quit gross actually,anyways letting my thoughts take over again but  to be honest I didn't mind the harsh comments, I'm just surprised they haven't gotten it through there head that sending hate to there love ones like a girlfriend or family will Make them love you more then there love ones we're not perfect and I hate it when people actually think they are and there better then everyone else…after Liam finished with the autographs we went to American eagle first I just love there jeans and just clothes in general as we were looking through jeans Liam broke the silence "sorry about…them, some of them are really harsh and mean" " it's ok it doesn't bother me" and I shrugged my shoulders, Liam smiled and said as he poked my tummy "who's a tough cookie" "I am" I said rocking back and forth on my heels FYI I don't wear heels I wear converse and really cool designed shoes there sexy beasts!! Damn I'm getting off subject again I'm truly sorry…after I said that we burst out laughing, after the laughing calmed down Liam's phone started to ring " hello…" " yeah we're in American eagle…" "ok we'll be in here…"


 "ok…ok bye" and that was the end of the call "the lads are here and I told them we're here" "ok" and we continued looking at jeans.

just before the boys come in Liam POV: we we're finally at the cashier with 5 pairs of jeans, some short shorts and a few tops "is that all?" The cashier said " that's all" " ok your total will be …" and she was interrupted by 4 boys running into the store screaming "hid!!" and "run faster!!!" All hiding behind and in some clothes racks, oh god I no what was happening, fan attack!!! I jumped over the counter pulling Sam behind me  and silently asked the girl to let me hid there until they pasted and thank god she did!!! I waited there for a few minutes holding Sam's hand as her head was buried into my shoulder until I heard " where'd they go?!" " maybe they went in here?!" "Lets ask!!" And I heard the girls footsteps run towards the counter "excuse me have you seen 5 boys run by here?" "I did they ran that way and outside, I'm sorry girls their long gone" then I heard some footsteps walk away, a lot of awww's and…crying?! Wtf ok I no that we're some really attractive guys with great voices ;) (haha self much) but crying that's a little over board…just a little, I waited a little longer until I heard " your good their gone" the cashier said " thanks for letting us hid behind here BOYS THEIR GONE YOU CAME COME OUT NOW!!" And you saw their heads pop out of nowhere "that was close" Niall said and we all nodded "your total comes to 126.69$" I paid and we all left the store in one piece to head to the next "thanks LiLi" Sam said while giving me a hug,  "no problem kiddo" and I hugged her back forgetting the lads were with us "oh Sam meet the lads" I said pulling out of the hug "hi I'm Samantha but you can call me Sam or Sammy" and she  receives a few "hey I'm……" or "nice to meet you" then there's Louis…"HELLO MY CARROT PRINCESS!!!" And bowed and kissed her hand she blushed a bit and said hi-ya oh I'm going to tease her about that later save her embarrassment now, then we all walked to Ardenes to get more shirts,  shoes and pants and 

headed to ikea…

skip hid and go seek and almost being kicked out of ikea and the boys getting to no Sam more still Liam's POV: well that was interesting, at least we got everything we needed and the boys and Sam really got a long, so that's good !!

Sam's POV: i got the coolest bedroom set !! Well for me it was cuz in the adoption centre we only got a bed and a dresser nothing special I got a single bed you no those beds where it's a bed on top and dresser on the bottom and there all attached well I got that!! (Im cool) with blue sheets with blue and purple designed comforter,  I got a 2 white moon chair and a mini plasma screen tv that will be hung on the wall and a cute little white desk for when I start school again Ialso got a white and rug it was sooooooooo soft it was amazing I could sleep on it, I thanked

Liam for everything then thanks the boys for coming and helping and told them I had a fun day we got everything in a truck and followed Liam's car home the boys also followed so they could put my room together and have it be a big surprise for me… geez what a day!! Time to go home and eat!! 

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