Unexpected Surprise

Liam Payne has a little sister that he never knew about, when he coming home from tour he's in for a little surprise…will he take it well? When he finds her will he become over protective of her? Find out when you read "unexpected surprise"


7. A Mama panda on a Ferris wheel eating blueberry pie…

Hello my lovely readers I've got some bad news…😔😩 I won't be updating in a few days 'sad faces' i no its sad for me to BUT!!!!!!!!!!! I promise I will do the best I can to write more chapters as I'm gone so when I get back all I haft to do is publish I'm sorry my very  beautiful and intelligent lady's ( for picking my movella to read ;) :P ) like I said sorry and ill update when I get back well I'm gonna go ciao Bella's !! 

Heres a fun fact: zebras are black with white strips !! So yeah 

 when ever I do authors note I'm going to put a fun fact so that means you won't get a lot of fun facts 'sad faces'/'smiley faces'

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