Platinum Heart

Winter Rose Ridland has always been rich. She's used to the maids cleaning for her, the butlers fetching her food, the kids at school bowing down before her, and the constant spending money--but what she isn't used to is surprise road trips. When her dad decides that it's time to send her to boarding school, the family packs up and leaves. What they weren't expecting was a freak car accident, and what Winter wasn't expecting was to survive--and more importantly, she wasn't expecting herself to be found. Will she find a way back to her old life, or will the boy who saves her show her a different one? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


7. 7: Thinking

When I get downstairs, I see Jason in the kitchen talking on the phone. He hasn't seen me yet, so I tiptoe my way behind the wall and listen. Cathryn isn't anywhere, and I wonder if she's gone out. 

"No, I don't want to." Jason says. "I don't care if it's good for my rep! I don't want to do it." 

I furrow my eyebrows. Do what? 

"I made a new friend. Her whole family is gone and she has nobody else. I'm perfectly fine staying here with her." 

I smile. 

"She said she's sick of money too! What makes you think she'd want to come with?" Jason asks. He sounds angry. "No, I'm not going to do it, so stop bothering me about it. Give them a longer break! I can't just do that today. Today is the worst day to do that. Everybody's going to flip out." He rubs his face with his free hand. "Yeah, whatever. Bye." 

Jason clicks the end button and sticks the phone in his back pocket. I notice that it happens to be an iPhone, and I suddenly wonder where he got the money for it. I stand up and walk into the kitchen. Jason's eyes follow me as I come to stand in front of him. 

I cross my arms. "That's a nice phone you got there." 

He rubs the back of his neck. "It's not mine?" 

"Jason, now I want to know what your secret is. Why can't you just tell me?" I ask. 

"Nobody can know. Not even you, Winter. You'd flip out and I want you to like me for me. Not for..." he pauses. "Never mind. I just can't tell you." 

I slump my shoulders. "Can I at least go on that walk with you?" 

Jason smiles. "Of course. I'll bring you to my favorite spot." he holds out his hand and I take it. I feel an unusual spark and by the look on Jason's face, he felt it too. We both shake it off, though, and start to walk. 



After a while, my feet start to hurt and I start to complain. I guess I'm complaining too much because Jason just offered to carry me. I decline his offer and continue to walk in silence. Finally as another minute passes, Jason veers off the road and into the woods. We walk through a small path that leads to a small clearing. 

Jason sits down and I sit next to him. I bring my knees up and rest my chin on them. 

"I come here when I need to think." Jason says, looking at me sideways. "Do you have a place where you think?" 

I shake my head. I rarely need to think. Nothing bad has ever really happened to me...until my parents died. And my brother. 

"You don't have anything to think about?" 

I shrug and start to pick at the grass. "Not really. My brother died a few years back, if that helps." 

Jason frowns. "I'm sorry." 

"Don't be." I say. "He committed suicide. Kind of like Justin Bieber." 

Jason stiffens up and I look at him. He has his head in his hands. I want to comfort him, but I don't know how. 

"Did you know him?" 

He doesn't answer my question, but I thought I heard him mumble something like, 'I feel like Hannah Montana right now.' I would have laughed at that remark, but I think he didn't mean for me to hear it. 

"My life is just complicated," he says. He looks up at me. "In fact, both of our lives are complicated. We can be complicated together." 

I smile as he holds his hand out. I take it. Except this time it's different. He laces our fingers together and I stiffen up. When he smiles, though, I calm down. 

"Jason?" I ask.


"Do you know what it's like, to feel alone, even though there's people all around you?" 

He nods. "Yes." 

"That's how I feel every day. Well, that's how I felt. But now you're the only one here and I don't feel alone. I feel happy. Happier than I should be." I say. I lean my head on Jason's shoulder. 

"You can be happy if you want." he says. "I know that if I could be happy I would." 

"Why can't you?" My eyes are closed now. I've been so tired all day and I hadn't even noticed until now. 

"I just haven't found that thing that makes me happy yet. I mean, I had it once, but then it all came crashing down." 

I nod and say nothing else. I can feel myself starting to fall asleep and I don't think Jason minds. He disconnects his hand from mine and leans up against a tree. Without asking, I move my head down to his lap so I'm more comfortable. He doesn't seem to mind that either. He just plays with my hair and starts to sing softly. I recognize the song immediately. 

If I could take away the pain and put a smile on your face
Baby I would, baby I would
If I could make a better way, so you could see a better day
Baby I would, baby I would, I would

Build a doorway to the sky and hand you the keys,
Let you know that you're always welcome so that you never leave
Buy you all those fancy things that you only see on tv, yeah
Run away to a hide away, we be living the American dream
And i, know it's never gonna be that easy
But I know that it won't hurt us to try

It's Justin Bieber. 

Justin Bieber... 

A jolt goes through my body and my eyes shoot open. Jason has drifted off to sleep so he doesn't notice. I sit up very carefully and study him for a moment. 

The golden hair, the caramel eyes, the laugh, the smile, the voice, the slim fingers. 

I know Jason's secret.

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