Platinum Heart

Winter Rose Ridland has always been rich. She's used to the maids cleaning for her, the butlers fetching her food, the kids at school bowing down before her, and the constant spending money--but what she isn't used to is surprise road trips. When her dad decides that it's time to send her to boarding school, the family packs up and leaves. What they weren't expecting was a freak car accident, and what Winter wasn't expecting was to survive--and more importantly, she wasn't expecting herself to be found. Will she find a way back to her old life, or will the boy who saves her show her a different one? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


19. 19: Moving On

When I wake up, Justin is gone. A part of me is disappointed, but I really don't care that he's gone. Last night was just a one time thing. I'm sure it wont happen again. I stand up, stretch, and start heading towards the front of the jet. I find everyone there. 

Justin leans against one of the seats, his back to me. I see Selena in front of him and Scooter beside her. Both have their arms crossed and none of the three has seen me yet. But they're all talking in hushed voices, assuming I'm still asleep. 

"--and that's not okay with me." Scooter finishes. "It's not okay with any of us." 

Justin shrugs like he's really not into the conversation. "I honestly don't care what you guys think about it. I'm saying that she's staying and there's nothing you can do about it." 

Ah, so this is about me. 

Scooter groans. "Listen to me! She is not allowed to stay!" 

"And listen to me," Justin leans closer to him. "I. Don't. Care. Winter is staying. If she goes home, she's going to be all alone! What the hell is she supposed to do without anybody there for her?!"

"I don't know but you're going to have to figure something out. She leaves right when we get off this plane. You understand me?" 

There's a moment of silence between them. 

Justin sighs. "You're right. She'll just distract me from my work and from you," he places a hand on Selena's shoulder, and to my surprise, leans in and kisses her. "I promise that she'll go home." 

"Great, let's leave right now then, if you're so eager." 

He whips his head around and I realize that those words had come out of my mouth. I feel my face get hot and Justin frowns. 

"I thought you were sleeping." he says. I scoff. 

"Well, I'm not. Now are we going to leave or not? I feel like we've been on the ground for a while." I say angrily and push my way past them, not bothering to go back and grab any of my things. I'm going home anyway, right? There will be stuff there. 

Justin follows me out, and yells from behind me that the black SUV is the car we're taking. I continue to stomp my way towards it for good measure, get in the back seat, and slam the door. Justin enters the car a moment later, smiling. 

I smile back. 

"You think that was good enough?" I ask. 

Justin nods. "Of course it was good enough, we're here now, aren't we?" 

I bite my bottom lip and nod excitedly. Then, I remember something. "Why'd you kiss her?" 

"What?" he seems confused at first, but then remembers what I'm talking about. "Oh, just so she'd think I'm on board with her plans. It was nothing, Winter." 

I pout and Justin laughs, putting two fingers under my chin. 

"Do you want one?" he asks playfully and our eyes meet. I can't say anything or do anything except smile wider. Justin shakes his head, chuckling, and slowly put surely presses his lips to mine. As he pulls away, I long for more but know that it would be taking things to far. All of this giddiness will pass between us and we'll be regular friends again. 

"So, where to?" I say awkwardly. Justin shrugs. 

"Wherever you wanna go. I've been here before, so I've already seen everything." 

"You haven't seen my house."

"You're right, I haven't." Justin leans forward and tells the driver my address after I give it to him. Then we're driving across the pavement beside the runway, off to my house. A bout of nervousness surges through me, and I lace my finger's through Justin's so I feel more reassured. He squeezes my hand lightly. 

"I wonder who's there." I say quietly. "Maybe the maids or the butlers stayed or maybe they all left with our money but what if my aunt--" 

"Winter," Justin interrupts me. "It's going to be fine, okay?" 

I sigh. "Yeah, it'll be fine." 



Once we arrive, I'm basically trying not to hyperventilate. I have enough common sense to thank the driver, though, but after that, Justin and I are standing in my large wrap-around driveway that I haven't seen in about a month. 

It's a weird feeling. 

"Justin, I...I don't know if I can go in there knowing...knowing..." I'm not even able to finish my sentence before I start crying. Justin frowns and pulls me in for a hug. 

"Hey, it's okay." he says quietly. "It's fine. Everything's okay." 

I shake my head and keep crying into his shirt. 

Justin pulls away to look at me. He pushes a strand of loose hair behind my ear, and then without saying anything, leans down and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck again and we stay like that for a moment before I pull away. 

"Everything's fine, okay?" he reassures me again. I nod, grab his hand, and then lead him into my house. 

I gasp. 

Nothing's changed. Everything is still in it's rightful place. I can't think of anything that would be different. I let go of Justin's hand and walk into the front room. I look around and debate on whether I should yell something or not. But I don't have to. 

A maid walks by, and drops her duster. "Miss Winter? Is that you?" 

I look over at her. "Yes. It's me." 

She runs to me and gives me a hug. I don't hug back. When she pulls away, she grabs my face and says: "Oh, we've all been so worried! We heard about the crash and your parents, oh we're all so sorry to hear about that. We're so glad that you're home, though. That you're safe." 

I start to think about all the stuff that's happened in this house, the good and the bad. Then I think about all of the stuff that's happened during the time I've been with Justin. When I think about it more, I can pick out more good times with Justin in the past month than I can with my own family. 

Maybe it's time to move on. 

"Yeah, yeah that's great." I look back at Justin. "Um...I just have a question for you." 

The maid nods. "Yes, anything." 

"Is there any way we can sell the place? I don't think I'm going to be staying here anymore." 

Justin smiles. And so do I. 


Hi my lovely readers! It's Cassidy, just here to let you guys know that Platinum Heart is coming to an end. :'( I really don't want it to, but I usually stick to around twenty chapters for my movellas and I think that my ideas for Chapter 20 are really good for an ending. 

It's also because I've just started a new movella, Recovery, (with SoccerBieber18) and I want to be focused on that. I also will most likely be putting Wanted on hold. 

Which also means that I'll only have one movella to work on. I will be publishing another new one soon. Probably tomorrow, so be ready for that! :) 

Anyway, love you all, and I hope you guys really enjoyed this story. I know I enjoyed writing it for you.♥ One chapter left. Be prepared.

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