Platinum Heart

Winter Rose Ridland has always been rich. She's used to the maids cleaning for her, the butlers fetching her food, the kids at school bowing down before her, and the constant spending money--but what she isn't used to is surprise road trips. When her dad decides that it's time to send her to boarding school, the family packs up and leaves. What they weren't expecting was a freak car accident, and what Winter wasn't expecting was to survive--and more importantly, she wasn't expecting herself to be found. Will she find a way back to her old life, or will the boy who saves her show her a different one? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


18. 18: Goodbye My Friend, Hello Heartache

Have you ever been around a lot of people and totally blanked out? You can only think of one thing and if somebody's trying to talk to you, you can't hear them? 

Well, that's me right now. 

I'm sitting in the back of Justin's private jet, alone. My eyes are trained on the dark clouds that are moving slowly outside my window, and my mind is trained on what it's going be like when I get home. I'm pretty sure Justin has tried to talk to me a few times but I haven't heard him. 

What's it going to be like for me, when I get home and there's nobody waiting for me except the worried servants? There's going to be nobody, basically. No mother, no father. I'll be alone. 

I take a deep breath and tear my gaze away from the window. I rub my hands over my face and when I open my eyes again I'm still alone. I can hear Selena talking--probably to Justin--in the front of the jet. Sometimes she giggles and says Justin's name and I choose not to listen. 

When I first met Justin, I didn't think I'd ever want him to go on tour again. I thought he was fine the way he was, plus, how could he fix the giant problem he'd already caused? He's been pronounced dead. For good. I can't believe I'd ever thought that he'd be able to fix that. But now here we are. Flying to New York so he can do something at Madison Square Garden. 

The biggest thing I'm not expecting from him? I'm not expecting him to become the person that he was before he "died." Unlike some other people, I actually believe in him. I believe he won't crash under the pressure. 

I also believe he can do it on his own. Maybe he doesn't want me to be around because we aren't that good of friends and he thinks I'm not that capable of keeping him grounded, but I don't care. I don't necessarily need him and he doesn't need me. 

I glance around the jet and realize I can't hear anything anymore. No Selena. No Scooter. Nothing. After a moment of brief panic, I decide to get up and look around. 

I walk to the front section of the jet to find everybody sleeping. I wonder how and why they're sleeping, but the only thing I really notice is Justin and Selena. 

She's leaning against the window and Justin is sprawled out on the seat with his arms wrapped around her. I stare at them for a moment before deciding I should wake Justin up. 

I shove my knee into his leg and he wakes up immediately. I suppress a smile as he sits up, panting. "Everyone fell asleep and I'm all alone back there, will you hang out with me?" 

Justin glares at me for a moment. "Oh, so now you decide to talk." 

I shrug. 

He sighs. "Sure. But shouldn't you be sleeping too?" 

"I should but I'm too distracted by thinking about what's going to happen when I get home." I admit. Justin frowns. 

"Don't be." he stands up and stretches. I can't help but notice his muscles working underneath his shirt and I look away. "Come on." he says, and walks past me towards the back of the jet. I follow. 

He waits by the second to last seat--the one I've been sitting in for the whole ride--and I slide into the window seat. He sits next to me. 

"So," I say. "Are you excited?" 

Justin shrugs. "I guess. I'm nervous." 

"I understand. I mean, it's got to be scary. Thinking of how they're going to react." 

"I know," he says. "What if I scare them all to death? What if they already got over me? There's just so many ways this can play out and I'm positive none of them are good." 

"I guess we're on the same boat." I say. "But you don't know that for sure." 

Justin glances at me. "Neither do you. Maybe there's someone there waiting for you. You won't be alone, I know that."

I nod, but don't answer. I keep my gaze on Justin and he sighs. "Are you okay, Winter?" 

"I'm fine." I say quietly, though it's the biggest lie I've ever told. I'm scared out of my mind, and I feel like depression is just about to eat me alive. 

Justin stares at me for a moment before deciding, "No you're not. I can tell when someone isn't happy, and there's definitely something bugging you." 

I feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I look down while shaking my head. A moment later, Justin puts two fingers under my chin and gently lifts my head up. Tears have started to fall down my cheeks and my bottom lip wobbles. 

"What's wrong?" he asks, his expression serious. 

"I'm scared." I admit, more tears streaming down my cheeks. "I don't want to be on my own, Justin. I don't want you to be alone either. I know that's what you're feeling. That you'll feel alone without me. I know it." 

His eyes study mine. I study his. There's a moment of silence between us, and Justin drops his hand. "Winter," 

I shake my head. "Don't deny it Justin. Please don't deny it." I wipe away a few tears. 

Justin sighs, and then, "I've never wanted anyone to say anything more than I wanted you to say that." 

At the exact same moment, we both lean in with a strong desire to close the space between us. I slide my hands over his shoulders and then finally press my lips to his. His soft, amazing lips. As his hands come up to cup either side of my face, I sigh. 

This is what I've been waiting for, for what seems like forever. 

My heart is beating a million beats per second as Justin slowly grazes his tongue over my lower lip. I cautiously open my mouth, somewhat nervous about the whole thing, but once I can feel our tongues touching, I feel comfortable. 

I feel his hands sliding down my body all the way down to my waist. I lock my hands around the back of his neck and breath in. He smells sweet and spicy at the same time. When I breath out again, I shake with pleasure. Then, his warm, soft hands slide my shirt up and rest on my hot skin. 

Justin pulls away for a moment and immediately places his lips to my neck. I moan quietly in the back of my throat as his lips suck on the spot. After a moment, he pulls away again and presses a soft kiss to the new red spot on my neck. He raises his mouth to meet mine once more, but I open my eyes and press a finger to his lips. His eyes flicker open. 

"Do I have to leave?" I ask quickly. 

Justin laughs, a quiet, raspy laugh that makes me melt. "You think I'm going to let you leave after this?" 

And I think we kiss for the remainder of the night, but I can't remember because I'm still too happy about it. 

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