Platinum Heart

Winter Rose Ridland has always been rich. She's used to the maids cleaning for her, the butlers fetching her food, the kids at school bowing down before her, and the constant spending money--but what she isn't used to is surprise road trips. When her dad decides that it's time to send her to boarding school, the family packs up and leaves. What they weren't expecting was a freak car accident, and what Winter wasn't expecting was to survive--and more importantly, she wasn't expecting herself to be found. Will she find a way back to her old life, or will the boy who saves her show her a different one? © 2013 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


10. 10: Winter

"Well that was..." Justin crosses his arms as he thinks of the right thing to say. "Dramatic." 

I shrug. We're sitting outside on the front steps because Cathryn suggested that we get some fresh air. "It was fine. Scooter was understanding enough to give you two weeks to think it over. I think that was nice of him." 

Justin smiles. "That's only because you talked him into it," he punches my arm lightly. "Thanks, by the way."

I smile along with him because I can't help it. It's like his smile is contagious or something. "No problem." 

Justin glances out at the never-ending field that's past the road. He points in that direction and leans close to my ear. "I bet I can out run you." 

I laugh. "I'll have you know that I'm the best runner around. Especially in the snow," I say. "My name's Winter for a reason." 

"And what reason is that?" 

"Winter's my favorite season," I say as I get up and start to run. I hear Justin laugh and start to run after me. I make it past the road without seeing him, but when I start to run through the snow, he starts to catch up. 

I have to admit that this is the happiest I've ever been. I know it's probably wrong to be happy now, with the death of my parents being only four days ago. But, then again, I met Justin only four days ago and I feel like I've known him forever. 

We've only been running for about a minute now and Justin passes me. He starts to run backwards and he laughs at me for being behind. I stick my tongue out at him and the snow starts to fall. Some flakes land on my tongue and I consider stopping, but I keep running. 

The cold air hits my skin and I start to laugh along with Justin. It feels so nice and it's so fun. How can I not laugh?

After a while we both start to slow down, and I stop completely so I can lay down in the snow. I guess it looked more like I fell, though, because Justin asks if I'm alright. 

"I'm fine," I laugh, trying to catch my breath. Justin smiles and sits down next to me. 

"How can you sit down in the snow for that long?" he asks as he shakes the cold from his hands. "It's freezing." 

"I think that snow is supposed to be cold." I laugh. "Not warm." 

"Well it could at least try to be warm." 

I roll my eyes. "Aren't you from Canada?" 

"Yeah," his tone is somewhat sad. "Haven't been there in years, though." 

I think for a moment. "Maybe if you tour you can have Stratford be the first stop." 

Justin shoots me a look. I shrug. "I don't want to tour again." he says. "I don't want to be famous again." 

"I know." I say. "Think about it, though." 

He draws something that looks like a guitar in the snow. I absentmindedly lean my head on his shoulder so I can look at it better. I feel him crane his neck to glace at me, but he doesn't say anything. 

"Do you miss the music at all?" I ask. "It would be kind of stupid not to. I mean, you loved that. Just not all the unwanted attention." 

Justin laughs. "Yeah. The Wanted can have the unwanted attention." 

I bring my head off his shoulder and smile at him. He smiles back and I can't help but laugh. "Okay," I say. "Now that, was stupid."

He gives a fake gasp. "I am not stupid." 

"Fine," I stick my tongue out as I hoist myself off the ground. "What's two plus two?" 

I start to run again and I can hear Justin yell from behind me, "Four!" 

I laugh but don't turn back until we finally reach Cathryn's house again. I stop to catch my breath while Justin leans against the stair rail, looking like he didn't just run about a mile. I look up at him. 

"How...are you...not...tired?" I ask. Justin smirks before he lifts his shirt up and points to his abs. 

"I didn't just lose these after I left the real world," he says. "Justin Bieber is never out of shape." 

I roll my eyes and lean against the stair railing like Justin, for support. "Yeah, well, I'd be in shape if I didn't sit in my room all day. I mean, that's what I did." 

He raises an eyebrow. "You sat in your room and only got up for food and school? Sounds like a belieber." 

I roll my eyes again with a smile. "No," I say. "I just wasn't allowed to leave unless I had to. Food was always brought up to me and I guess I was only confined to my room so I didn't get lost in the big house."

"I always got lost in my house," he says. "But that's only because I was forced to buy that house. Wasn't my decision." 

I nod. "I'm sorry." 

He shrugs. "It's fine." then he holds his hand out. "Let's go inside, I'm freezing." 

I take his hand and smile. I don't know why I didn't notice before, but I glance down at his arm. His left arm, the one that's held out to me at the moment, is filled with tattoos, while the right arm has one big tattoo that reads 'BELIEBERS' that goes down the length of his arm. I smile. 

"Nice tattoo," I say. Justin looks over at his right arm and smiles. 

"Thanks," he says. "It's the only one I actually like. Sometimes I wish I never got some of them." 

I nod. "That's understandable." 

He nods and we stand there, hand in hand, in an awkward silence. He glances at me and I smile again. I probably smile too much, don't I? I don't know if he cares, though, because he just smiles back and says, 

"Alright, let's go inside now." 

And I let him drag me up the stairs and into the warm house.

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