Forever Starts with you

Shannon is just a regular girl who graduates from collage and move into a new flat with her best friend little did she no her life would change for ever when she goes on tour with the biggest boy band in the world...


4. Chapter 4


Shannon's P.O.V 

Its been a couple of weeks and i guess you could say me and Harry are a couple, Daisy an Louis are kinda of a mess and she hasn't been out the house in weeks ive tryed to get her to talk to him but they are both as stubborn as each other. Whilst all that was going on me and Harry had been on a few dates and just enjoyed the time Harry has had away from work,but Harry goes back on tour in a couple of days and im going to miss him so much. He can't wait to introduce me to the boys he said we will get on really well Liam,,Niall and Zayn i think he said their names were i already knew Louis so i suppose we would get on quite well.But i wont be able to meet them until they come back from the 'take me home' tour an that could be months. They are touring in the USA first so i decided it would be a good idea for my mom too meet Harry before they go away. I text Harry an said i would be round at his in 5minutes,


i will be at yours in 5 Minutes i hope your ready ;) xx

Harry's Reply~


I guess i will have to be, im so nervous:( xx


Harry's P.O.V 

I was extremely nervous Shann wanted me to meet her Mom before i went on tour. I couldn't refuse

so i just went along with it,to tell the truth i have never been more scared in my life I Love Shannon and i want things to work out  with her, but if her mum doesn't approve then i don't no what i will do. i got a text from Shann saying she would be here in 5 mins so i quickly brushed my teeth and smartened myself up.Shannon Walked in "you ready?" she said cheerfully "as ready as ill ever be" i said nervously "dont worry she will love love you,now come on lets go" she sqeeked. We hopped in the car and drove to Her moms,the car journey felt like a lifetime but we finally arrived. Shannon knocked on the door an her mother answered, "you must be Harry" she said excitedly "yes Mam its a pleasure to meet you" i held out my hand for her to shake, "Call me Rose" she said as she pulled me into a hug. "so who's hungry?" she said as a grin spread across her face "me!" Me and Shann both said, "great grubs up" her mother said. We sat and spoke for ages laughing and joking her mom really seemed to like me which was a relief.


Shannon's P.O.V

My mom seemed to really like Harry which was great i knew she would. "Well guys im off to bed" my mother said "ill leave you to it" she said winking in my direction. "Wanna go back to my place?" Harry offered. This would be the first time I would have been to Harry's an to be honest i am really nervous. "sure" i said hesitantly. We hopped in the car and drove to Harry's place, his house was huge, he opened the passenger seat car door an carried me to the front door. He unlocked the door "after you" he said politely. I walked in and was actually astonished by how clean the place was. Harry gripped me by the waist and pulled me close to him,I started into his eyes an remembered how the first time we met all i could think about was how beautiful his eyes were. "Harry" i whispered "yeah?" he replied "I Love you" i whispered into his ear "I Love you too" he said. I kissed him deeply, he started to kiss down my neck and onto my collar bone i could feel my heart racing a thousands beats per minute. He lifted me up an carried me too his room he laid me down on the bed and crawled on top of me. "are you sure you want to do this?" he asked concerned. i sat up an hesitated, "i think so" i said nervously i pushed Harry on to the bed, and i searched under his top for the tattoos i once saw i slowly removed his top and chucked it on the floor i began kissing his abs and lower stomach I moved back up to his chest and he slowly took off my top and also chucked it on the floor. i undid the buckle on Harry's belt an pulled his jeans down to his ankles,he slipped them off and then began to do the same thing with mine.Before i knew it were both completely naked.


Harrys P.O.V 

Me an Shann were both naked by this point and i could tell she was nervous. "are you sure you okay?" i asked concerned, "yes im fine she replied,but  i thought you should no this is my first time" she said shyly.i looked at her in shock a little it was hard to believe that someone hadn't taken her virginity yet a beautiful girl like her,"okay,ill go slow" i replied. I grabbed a condom out the draw and quickly slipped it on,Shannon licked my abs an teased me stopping once she reached my hips, this turned me on an awful lot it was hard to hold back. I kissed her some more first and she whispered too me "do it Harry i want you". So i pushed inside of her an she groaned a bit at first but once she was comfortable she kept up the pace.Once i had stopped we where both quite out of breath and hot we lay down next to each other and she snuggled close to me."I ermm just need to go to the bathroom to um take care of myself ". I said embarrassed "ohh Harry did someone enjoy them self a little to much" she said as she winked at me. i scooted off to the bathroom and took care of my self.I jumped back in to bed with Shann an we just lay down next to her,"can i show you something?" i asked "what?" she  said looking confused at me. i lifted her up an she wrapped her legs around my thighs,i took her to the balcony an told her to close her eyes "count to three" and make a wish  i said. so she counted to three out loud then Big Ben Chimed three times an fireworks set off in the sky. "know you wish will come true" i whispered.

Shannon's P.O.V

It was so beautiful fireworks in the sky and just me and Harry together,i yawned a little though because i was extremely tired. "Tired princess?" Harry hummed to me, "just a little" i responded he picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bed we lay down together an i slowly drifted off to sleep.


Daisy's P.O.V 

It had been two weeks since i last saw Louis the night of the party and he still was yet to explain. I didn't see much of Shann anymore because she was always off with Harry so it was just me left alone. Thats when i got a text an to my surprise it was Louis, 


I would like my t-shirt back if you dont mind


Daisy: Then you will have to come and get it 

I was so annoyed that after all that happened all he bloody cared about was his t-shirt. i heard a knock at the door an it was Louis i text him my address and he seemed to find it quick enough. "my t-shirt" Louis said rudely, "is that all you fucking care about Louis your god dam t-shirt,i have been sat in the house for the past two weeks wondering why you haven't called or texted thinking i was just another one night stand for Louis Tomlinson i helped you that night remember you should be grateful!!" a yelled at him "you know it wasn't like that" he said i think he was feeling a bit guilty. "no actually Louis i don't because you haven't text or called to tell me otherwise" i said now crying. "i just don't think this is going to work out im still pretty torn up about my last break up i don't want to rush into another one" he said quietly "well if that's what you feel then hear take your stupid t-shirt i dont care" i through the t-shirt back at him and slammed the door in his face.


Louis P.O.V 

i felt really  guilty about what i did to Daisy but i couldn't help it i wasn't ready for another relationship, we go on tour in a couple of days anyway. i pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind and text Harry saying 

Louis: i cleared the air with Daisy mate but it didnt go to well :/ 

I hoped Harry would see the text and respond soon i needed him right now, i barley saw him recently though seen as he was always off with Shannon, which i dont mind she is a nice girl i just wish he would make a little time for me.


Shannon's P.O.V 

i woke up the next morning to the sound of my phone ringing, i answered in a grouchy town "hello?" "Thanks alot Shannon where were you when i needed you oh yeah off with Harry again,Louis just came round an told me he isn't ready for another relationship i have been ringing you all morning but you haven't answered im moving back in with my Jess i can't do this anymore at least she is there when i need her" an with that she hung up. I hate when Daisy did things like this it really hurts me i mean we have been friends for as long as i can remember and i love her but i have tried to help her an she just doesn't see it that way. i tried to forget about it for a while, i got up put my underwear on and slipped on Harry's rolling stones t-shirt from the night before. "morning babe" i heard Harry say "Morning handsome" I responded Harry rolled over in bed moaning about how tired he was. "Come on lazy bones get up you have to pack for your tour today remember" i said sadly trying to hide my sadness. "Harry hauled him self out of bed and over to me he looked at me and said "come with me" "what" i said shocked "come on tour with me and the boys it will be soo much fun", i didn't know what to say i was so shocked. "you mean it" i asked "shann nothing would make me happier my four brothers and my beautiful girlfriend going around the world doing what i love and sharing it with you all"





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