Forever Starts with you

Shannon is just a regular girl who graduates from collage and move into a new flat with her best friend little did she no her life would change for ever when she goes on tour with the biggest boy band in the world...


3. Chapter 3


Shannon's P.O.V

i woke to the feeling of vibration in Harry's pocket.i looked at Harry he was sleeping soundly i watched as his chest rose and fell.He was stirring and shuffling around i cuddled up close to him an just watched as he slept listening to his beating heart and the sound of his breath,his face looked so familiar like id seen it before."stop staring at me" Harry said in a husky voice, "i wasn't" i giggled "is it okay if i take a shower" i asked "course towels are on your left as you walk in" Harry said smiling. I kissed him on the cheek an ran upstairs before any words could leave his mouth. I got in the shower an let the hot water run onto my body, i felt worthless after what happened the previous day i felt disgusting, like i was nothing i tried to push those thoughts to the back of my mind. i hopped out the shower and was just about to brush my teeth when i heard Harry shout "BREAKFAST!" i went down stairs an laid out were place mats,plates,glasses and a flower in the center. "dig in" he said, i gladly excepted his offer. Once we had both finished i got a call from Daisy i answered the phone to a very excited voice. "OMG! how are you?" i asked " no i told you i met a boy well we kinda.." she whispered "NO WAY!" i yelled down the phone  "anyway i gotta go meet me at Starbucks in ten minutes" she replied


Daisy s P.O.V

i placed the water an paracetamol  for Louis down on gently on the bedside table i quickly slipped on Louis t-shirt from the night before grabbed my dress an wrote a note saying *if you want your t-shirt come and get it;)* and left my number at the end. I made my way home and when i got in i pulled on some jeans grabbed my jacket,phone and purse and left for Starbucks.


Harry's P.O.V 

On the way to Starbucks me and Shannon stopped off at the shops an i spotted a magazine with a drunk Louis on the front page,i quickly grabbed it and paid at the counter before Shannon saw. I  saw Shannon grab something and pay for it then we quickly hopped in the car and i dropped her off at Starbucks. "I guess this is goodbye" Shannon said sadly "it doesn't have to be" i interrupted and handed her my phone number, "ill call you later then" shes said as she winked at me she jumped out the car and kissed me on the cheek before she left i blushed hoping she didn't see. so i drove to Louis so my questions could be answered i arrived within minutes an i knocked on the door with the gossip magazine in hand,but there was no answer so i got out my key and unlocked the door. i walked in to find clothes everywhere,broken glasses,empty bear cans an a condom wrapper on the floor.i walked upstairs to find a hung-over Louis crashed out in the bed, i chucked the magazine in his direction an yelled "nice one mate!" in a grouchy tone Louis replied "go away haz" "no Louis not until i have answers!" i exclaimed "so? Who is she?,what happened? and what are you going to do about it? Louis your on the front page of every magazine, what will management say, i will be downstairs cleaning up YOUR mess when you are ready to face your problems"


Louis's P.O.V

shit,shit,shit,shit,shit i found the paracetamol on the side an took two. I turned over to find she wasn't there,just a note i grasped the note,and dragged myself out of bed i made my way downstairs i scanned through the note when Harry appeared out of no where and said "I began to read the note aloud it read *if you want your t-shirt you will have to come and get it;)*


Shannon's P.O.V  

Harry dropped me off at Starbucks and i met Daisy. I slammed the magazine on the table "have you seen this?!" i questioned "omg is that me an Louis?!" Daisy yelled, "yes on the front page of every gossip magazine!" i shouted back "why are we in a magazine?" she questioned "read the caption genius" i said sarcastically. Daisy read the caption aloud *One Directions Louis Tomlinson was spotted out with a young girl,looks like he has his fair share of "up all nights" girls best get you boxing gloves on as there is competition now* "OMG HE IS IN ONE DIRECTION" Daisy screeched "Daisy calm down we will sort this have you got his number?" i said calmly "Shann dont mean to burst your tranqual little bubble but i shagged a member of the biggest boy band in the world im fuckin FREAKING OUT!" 


Daisys P.O.V 

Well this is great Shann thinks this is all fine and in her own little world while right now im freaking out because i shagged one of the most famous boys on the planet. Everything's just great. "right Daisy just shut up and sit down." Shannon said raising  her voice a little "Go home have a shower clear you head and i will meet you back at the flat later" she said "okay" i replied, i thought this mite be a good idea maybe i was panicking too much i just need to clear my head.


Harry's P.O.V

Louis was on the phone to management trying to wriggle his way out of trouble whilst meanwhile i got a text from Shannon saying


 meet me at London Bridge in 5 mins we need to talk!



okay ill be there

i grabbed my keys an got in the car  a drove off when i arrived at the bridge Shannon was there waiting "are you going to explain?" she asked "i wanted to tell you i just didn't no when the right time was" i pleaded "oh well thanks for telling me you are part of the biggest boy band in the world,i bet you get girls all the time im just another one  a girl who fell for Harry Styles is that it!" she shouted "Shannon listen to me if that's the way it was i wouldn't be here im not a womanizer that the press make me out to be in fact i don't sleep with many girls at all but i like you alot" i admitted


Shannons P.O.V 

Harry Styles just admitted he liked me and truth of the matter is i really liked him back but he lied about being in the biggest boy band on the planet i have known him all of a day and already hes lieing too me. "Harry i like you too but how is this going to work you are famous an well im just me" i said sadly. Then Harry did something i didn't quite expect he pulled me close an gripped his hand around my waist, i could feel his warm breath on my collar bone,i looked into his emerald green eyes. He ran his fingers through my hair. My heart was racing i had never felt like this before,he whispered in my ear "kiss me" i looked at him in shock, "kiss me!" he repeated i grasped his hair in my hand an leaned in for a kiss, our lips connected and sparks flew. i could sense we were both nervous but that did stop us our lips moved in sync he bit my lip, i offered an entrance which he didn't refuse his tongue danced with mine and we kept up a pace. we finally stopped he looked at me an smiled and that's when i realized i just kissed Harry Styles




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