Forever Starts with you

Shannon is just a regular girl who graduates from collage and move into a new flat with her best friend little did she no her life would change for ever when she goes on tour with the biggest boy band in the world...


2. Chapter 2

Daisy’s p.o.v

“LOUIS! NOOOOO STOPPPPPP” I half shouted half giggled, “NEVER!” Louis shouted with excitement.


This is the position I’m in right now; Louis is basically straddling me, and found out I was ticklish therefore I’m trying to push him off me and getting him to stop which is basically a waste of breath because its Louis!


“Louis pleaseeeeeeee” I whined, I looked him in the eyes with a pouty face but he did something I didn’t really expect; his lips gently hovered over mine and then I could feel his soft lips on top of mine…he licked my bottom lip, asking for an entrance which I gladly excepted, we moved in sync with each other like it was normal. It started to get really heated, really quickly, I could feel my dress being slowly removed and before we knew it we were pretty much naked……



No one’s p.o.v

Whilst Daisy and Louis had there own fun, Harry and Shannon were having a different kind of fun.


After Harry and Shannon got in the taxi; Shannon started hyperventilating, like some sort of panic attack, she felt violated and vulnerable to any kind of man but with harry she felt safe she felt like he could save her from the darkest of times like today, when those three men started messing with her head, her mind was playing tricks on her like it might happen again and she became very distressed all of a sudden..


Harry was truly worried for her well-being and wanted to help her in anyway possible, to hug her, hold her, kiss her and comfort her, but he couldn't she was vulnerable and scared. Harry understood this but didn't want to believe it, he was blaming himself for what happened to Shannon. It was a bitter sweet situation because Harry met a truly stunning girl yet she seemed so distant and far away.


Harry’s p.o.v

I’d finally calmed her down and reassured  her she was safe here with me (my apartment). We were now casually lying on the sofa me on the bottom with Shannon lying on top of me slightly curled up, under a blanket watching the inbetweener’s. I could tell Shannon was dozing off by her breathing patterns becoming more slow and out of rhythm with the other.


Now she was asleep I started to over think as usual, what if she doesn't like me tomorrow because the alcohol really did knock her about? What if she has a boyfriend? What if shes just using me? I started to wonder about all of these questions going on in my head…




Louis.......what happened to him; last time I spoke to him he was drowning his blood in alcohol, maybe I should ring him.


It rang out about 6 times when it eventually went to voice mail with a very drunk louis and by the sounds of it a very drunk girl.

“HAY! You've reached Louis!” he screeched into the recording, ”and DAISYYYY” “were having too much fun right now to answer your call!” he yelled “Louuuu I think you had to much to drink!!!” then followed by a series of giggling.


Then the line went dead. Boy was he going to regret it in the morning. So I snuggled back down to my Shannon…whose not even mine but I like to think of it that way. I slowly let sleep consume me.

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