Forever Starts with you

Shannon is just a regular girl who graduates from collage and move into a new flat with her best friend little did she no her life would change for ever when she goes on tour with the biggest boy band in the world...


1. Chapter 1

Shannon's P.O.V 

"SHANNON SHANNON!!" Daisy screamed as she entered the flat while i was unpacking the car "this flat is huge!" she yelled we have just brought a new flat together after graduating from collage. I carried the boxes into the flat at dumped them in the hall way.I walked into the living room drawing back the curtains to let in some sunshine.The flat was already furnished so all we had to do was unpack. "We have been invited to Lucy's graduation party,she just text me" Daisy said excitedly as she walked in with the last couple of boxes."great" I sighed i was never really one for parties but i decided i go seen as it was graduation. 

Daisy's P.O.V 

It was 8:45pm and the party started at 9:00pm and neither of us were ready and it was starting to get late. "Ready" Shannon said as i attempted to zip up my dress. "Here,let me" Shannon offered "crap Daise I don think its gonna zip" Shannon huffed "shite" I replied. With one last push Shannon managed to zip up my dress. "Thanks luv" i said as i slowly turned around. "OMG! Shan you look beautiful" I commented "Don't go all sloppy on me Daise lets hurry up and get to that party" shannon laughed "Okay i just need to brush my teeth" I said as i raced to the bathroom i quickly brushed my teeth and with one last mirror check we jumped into the car an drove to the party. Five minutes later we arrived at the party the music was extremely loud an there was a stench of alcohol and smoke in the air.

Shannon's P.O.V

We walked into the party and saw people on the dance floor,people snogging on the bar and people dancing on tables in there underwear it was pretty hectic already. We walked over to the bar and i ordered us two cocktails the barman handed us to colorful looking drinks and we downed them  in seconds."I'm going to dance" Daisy said as she scooted of to the dance floor. i don't really have much to do at parties like these so i decided to take a walk in the garden because it was such a nice night. i lay down on the grass an watched the stars when a face was pearing over at me, it was a tall boy with a mess of brown curls,shinning green eyes and the cutest dimples. "hello down there" he said and i jumped up with embarrassment "hi" i replied "Harry Styles" he said holding out his hand for me to shake "Shannon" i said with a smile as i shook his hand "nice name" he commented "not so bad yourself styles" i said with a giggle. "so what are you doing out here?" Harry asked "getting some fresh air you?" i answered "well my mate ditched me for some blonde girl so i thought id take a look around an that's when i saw you come out here so i thought id follow you" Harry remarked. "you stalking me already and you don't even no me styles?" i said as i laughed "maybe i should be,your very beautiful" he said "thanks i guess" i said blushing "so do you wanna hangout,then seen as there is no one else interesting here?" harry asked. "well id love to but i was actually just about to tell my friend i was going home,sorry" i answered "well let me walk walk you home then?" Harry suggested hopefully "okay i suppose it wont hurt" i said smiling "great! lead the way little lady" he said grinning. i giggled and  pulled out my phone and text daisy saying i was going home an i would see her later. Me an Harry were walking home together and he was telling me about where he was from an about his mom. We stopped at a shop an Harry popped in to get  us some drinks.


Daisy's P.O.V 

I saw a boy crying in the corner so i went over to see if he was okay "are you alrite?" i asked "yes im fine" he said sniffling "okay so im going to wait till you stop lying and ask you again,are you okay?". he started to tell me about how he had a break with a girl he thought he loved till he found out she was cheating on him. so i decided i would show him a good time an buy him a few drinks. we both were having a great time when i decided to look at my phone and saw a text from Shannon saying [I met a boy he is walking me home ill see you later xo] i replied excitedly [okay have fun with him;), i have met someone too;p see you later xo]. Me an Louis decided to go in the garden and we got talking about his life at home and where he lived in Doncaster he asked me if i wanted to go back to his place. Of course i wasn't going to turn him down he was very hot. i couldn't wait to tell Shan.

Shannon's P.O.V 

i saw some freaky guys staring at me so i looked away  trying to prevent any unwanted attention,Harry was still in the shop an i was waiting for him outside. This three guys started to walk over so i acted cool and didn't run off. "ohh she is a pretty little gurly" one of the guys said. "hey let the birthday boy have ago" another said as he approached me. "hey babe did you get me a present?" he said his breath stunk like drink. "no" i answered "shame i will just have to unwrap you then" he said as he pulled the zip down on my dress "get off of me" i yelled but it was no use he started taking my dress off i was so scared but i froze i didn't know what to do, i tryed to struggle my way out of his grip but i was no use. "you have a lovely figure babe" the guy whispered in my ear,i was terrified. by now i was stood there in nothing but my bra and pants he had me pinned against the wall. i cried out for Harry hoping he would here me. "isn't that sweet,is your boyfriend going to come and rescue you" he laughed.

Harry's P.O.V 

I heard Shannon scream my name from outside the shop so i ran out to see what was going on. i saw here in her underwear  pinned up the wall with three guys surrounding her. "let her go now" i shouted "oh look boys this must be the hero come to save the day" the guy chuckled "one last chance let her go now" i yelled "was that a threat?" the biggest guy asked "what if it was?" i answered sternly "looks like you want a fight matey" he said as he walked towards me fists clenched. i threw the first punch and hit him right in the nose i got him on the floor an punched him repeatedly in the face an stomach till he was bleeding. "okay i give in please stop" he pleaded "good now tell your little friends to let her go or they will suffer too" i said now shouting "let the girl go boys" with that they ran off an didn't look back.

Shannon's P.O.V   

Harry was so brave standing up to those men like that he could have got himself killed. He pulled off hit t-shirt revealing his abs and a number of tattoos the most obvious was butterfly just above his abdomen  my eyes were fixed on his body. "hey my face is up here" he chuckled putting his t-shirt over me. it was long enough to cover just above my knees so nothing was showing. He picked up my dress an put his arms around me and called a cab. 


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