Give Me Love

Alexis Mayfield is your average everyday small town girl........well she was until her school had three new students in-rolled. What makes these three new kids so special? They happen to be Harry, Liam, and Niall from world famous boy-band One Direction. So what happens when she catches the eye of the curly haired, green eyed popstar. I guess you'll have to read to find out.


2. New Kids

Alexis POV

"OMG guess what! Guess what! Guess what!" Hannah exclaimed as we walked to my two best friends.

"What!?!" I asked in a slightly annoyed tone.  

"Guess where three members of One Direction are going to school!! Here!!!" Tamara yelled earning a few glances from the students around us.

"Really?" I asked not sure if they were playing with me or not.

"Yes really!! Do you think we would play with you about something like this?" Hannah asked looking kinda hurt.

"Uh yeah cause who was the one who had me all excited by telling me that Harry Styles followed them on twitter." I stated looking at the two of them.

"Ok but that was one time! But we're serious this time." Tamara and Hannah complained at the same time.

"Come on Alex stop giving them a hard time." Lucas told me wrapping his arms around me and spinning me around. 

"If you put me down I may consider it." I exclaimed while kicking my feet in the air.

He then set me down as his ex-girlfriend Shopie walked over in a skirt two sizes to small and a t-shirt she probably got out of a five year old's closest, because it was so small it couldn't have come from the juniors section. 

"Hey baby why didn't you pick me up?" She asked as she ran her hand up and down his chest.

"Because we're over. So that means you need to take your hands off me and stop calling me baby." He said in disgust shoving her away from him.

"Fine! You don't know what you'll be missing!" 

"Oh but I do and it's called multiple STD's." He replied while Hannah, Tamara, and I said "Ohhhhhhh." 

Shopie huffed, running away, grabbing one of the football guys and started sucking his face off.

"Why did you ever date her?" 

"Uh.....I....I don't know." Lucas replied kinda fidgety. I wonder what his problem was.

"Whatever the past is the past and all that matters, is that you dumped th........" I was stopped mid-sentence by screams of girls running toward a van.

"Is that them?" Tamara asked.

"T, where there are screaming girls, there are international popstars. So to answer your question. Yes, yes that's them." Hannah stated.

We all stood next to each other as we saw them exit the vehicle. When I was able to see a glimpse of them, they were in fact Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan of One Direction.

"Oh god we're actually going to school with 3/5's of 1D." I muttered.

"Told ya! Who's the liar now?" Tamara shouted again earning looks from almost everyone outside.

"Whatever lets go." I replied pulling her toward the school with Lucas and Hannah trailing behind.



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