Give Me Love

Alexis Mayfield is your average everyday small town girl........well she was until her school had three new students in-rolled. What makes these three new kids so special? They happen to be Harry, Liam, and Niall from world famous boy-band One Direction. So what happens when she catches the eye of the curly haired, green eyed popstar. I guess you'll have to read to find out.


1. Good Morning

Alexis POV

"Come on we're going to be late if you don't wake your butt up right now!" My brother Lucas yelled in my ear, trying to yank the blanket off of me.


"Five more minutes!" I yelled back trying to shove him away.


"You said that 15 minutes ago!" He exclaimed now agitated by my resistance.


"Fine, what time is it?" I asked rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, while standing up on the hardwood floor.


"It's 7:36 and you have about 10 minutes to get ready if you want food." He told me looking at my alarm clock on the bedside table.




I quickly rushed to my dresser and pulled  'This Is My Too Tired to Function Hoodie' out, then walked to my closet and pulled out a light wash pair of jeans with a few rips. I rushed to go to the bathroom to take a shower but Lucas stopped me.


"Uh no we don't have time and no argument. You took a shower yesterday so you'll be fine." He said as he walked out the door.God I swear that boy is gonna get on my nerves.


I quickly got changed then went to my dresser and I pulled on two of my bracelets one said "Your Boyfriend says Hi" and the other one said "YOLO". Then I put on my necklace that said "In that moment I swear we were infinite". After putting a little bit of makeup on, I grabbed my phone and slipped on my bright pink combat boots, heading out my bedroom door.


As soon as I walked down the hallway I found my mom making breakfast and when she wasn't looking Lucas would sneak a piece of bacon off the plate, shoving it in his mouth. I picked up my backpack that had pizza slices on it, and put my song journal in it. Then I set it back down, then took a seat next to my brother. 


"Good morning mom." I told her as she set our plates down in front of us.


"Morning Alexis. Now that your both here I have to tell you two that me and your father are going to a convention for your father's job for two weeks." As soon as she told us that we both jumped out of our seats and screamed "YES".


"But no parties, and if you want any of your friends over during the night you have to call one of us first. We will be leaving $600 for food so you won't starve." She replied pulling an envelope out of her pocket and set it on the counter.


"What time will you be leaving?" 


"We'll be gone by the time you get home." She told us putting the rest of the food on a plate and pouring herself a cup of coffee. 


"Oh ok then bye love you and tell dad that too." I said putting my dish in the sink and coming back to kiss her cheek, before I picked up my bag then headed to the door waiting for Lucas to hurry his butt up.


"Uh same as what she said." He told her picking his bag up and grabbing his keys heading out the front door.


"So you ready for your last year here?" I asked as we got in the car.


"Yep but I hope Shopie isn't going to be clingy." He replied groaning in frustration.


"I thought it was over between you two?" I asked slightly annoyed at the mention of that skank's name.


"Yeah but she doesn't think so." He said chuckling at his stupid ex-girlfriend.


"So you ready for the start of your last two years." He asked.


"I don't know I'm still not sure what I want to do." I replied looking out the window.


"Hey a lot can change in two years." 


"It can, can't it?"


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