And she will be loved

When all the bullying becomes to much, Evie goes to the last resort, to kill herself by being run over. Fortunately for her, two boys find her lying in the middle of the road. That is when Evie's life changes.



1. Is this the beginning? Or is this the end?

Hi. my name is Evie. I am 17 and I am finishing my Senior year in high-school right now. My parents are divorced. My dad lives in America and my Mom lives in london now. I always suffered from depression

Evie's POV


"Stupid" "Annoying" "Good for nothing" These were the words that I heard all day. Every day. It just never seemed to stop. I used to just brush them off but that changed when I started thinking about them. They were all right. I never had good grades. I never did anything right.


"Evie, would you like to answer the question?" My teacher interrupted my thoughts.


"Huh?" I said.

 A few students around me snickered.


"I said, can you tell us the answer to question 15 on your test?" My teacher replied dully.


"Umm. I think the answer is-"

I was interrupted by the sound of the bell for the end of the day. I had just gotten to my locker to get my bag when I felt eyes bearing down on my back. When I turned around, I saw Nicki, my ex- best friend and the bitch squad as they are known as snickering while staring at me. Nicki walked up to me and said " Awww is the little baby going to cry?"

"Why would I cry for bitches like you? All you do is torment me and I don't really care for what you say." I told her, before I ran off. By the time I was outside and had reached the street, my mind was filled with the events of the day. I went to cross the street and felt a sharp pain in my side. I looked up from the ground where I had fallen to see two boys standing over me, before I was consumed in darkness.


Niall's POV


Me and Harry were walking down the street, after going out for a bit before our interview for a Denver radio station when we saw a beautiful girl walking across the street.

"Hey. Harry look." I said as I pointed to the beautiful girl walking across the street. Suddenly I noticed the car. I ran to where she was but it was too late.


"I- I'll call an ambulance." Harry said.


"Hurry! I think-" I was interrupted by the girl starting to jerk in my arms.


"Oh my god whats happening?!" Harry said after he got off the phone with the emergency personnel.


"I think she might be having a seizure! Oh my god Harry come and help me. We need to make sure that she does not hurt herself more than she has already." I shout to him. We both struggle to make sure she did not get hurt until the ambulance arrived. 


After what seemed like hours, but in reality was only minutes, the Ambulance arrived.


"Are you either of you family?" The medic said calmly.


" No but if you could give us the name of the hospital she will be sent to that would be amazing." Harry replied looking as though he had just seen a demon.


"Ummmm, let me check real quick... I will be right back... Alright it is the Parker Adventist hospital. It is located on 20 mile and Main street. Thank you for calling. Bye!" He said hurriedly as the ambulance was getting ready to leave.`


"Thank you!" We shouted in unision before heading to the car parked across the street.




*A/N i hope you guys like it enough to read it. Feedback is always appreciated... I am also looking for a co author if you want to help write the book. I can also Co author myself if anybody wants me to.Thanks






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