Get Away

Alyssa saw the signs that she was in an abusive relationship, she just chose to ignore them. Now that she has run away with her abusive boyfriend Rey, she realizes that she needs to get away. But how will she do that when he's taken her miles away from home?

Now Alyssa is caught in the middle of a top-secret plan and some interesting people she never knew existed. Her life will never be normal again.
How will Alyssa survive in this new dangerous world she has stumbled into? And who is the stranger who continues to help her? And most importantly, why does he seem so familiar?

(This is my first story so please don't judge it too harshly. I put a lot of effort into this book.)


5. Was I being drugged?


 When I came to, Rey was no where to be found. My mind was a bit fuzzy so I couldn't concentrate. What made me pass out like that? I must have blacked out, unless I was just conveniently taking a nap on the floor at 2 o' clock p.m. 

 I shook my head, clearing it slightly but I still couldn't think straight. I then noticed that my left cheek and eye stung. I touched my hand to that area and winced at the pain. My cheek was extremely swollen. 
 I picked myself up and ran to the bathroom. As soon as I saw my reflection in the mirror I burst into tears. I had a terrible black eye and the top of my cheek was bright red. 

  Something big must have happened. Why can't I remember where I got these injuries? Was I being drugged? Or was my subconscious trying to protect me? Either way I needed to find out what happened. 

  Where was Rey? I really needed him right now. Maybe I was attacked? If I WAS attacked and if Rey would have been here I just know he would have protected me. 

 There was a sharp pain in my head as my fuzzy memory started to clarify and I remembered a fist flying at me. I can remember a face too. The face belonged to Rey. 


                                                              *          *          *


  I guess I always knew I was in an abusive relationship, I just ignored all the obvious signs. It's like every time Rey did something to me, my subconscious would hide the memory away so I couldn't see it. Man was I messed up. 

 Now I knew. Now my memory was getting even clearer. All the bruises I had. Every time I woke up with a black eye or a bloody lip. I knew now. Figures that all those times I must have came home a bloody mess my parents were never there to help. They probably vaguely knew the relationship I had with Rey. 

 What was I going to do now? I loved Rey. True he did hurt me but I'm sure it was my fault to begin with. I tried to convince myself that Rey HAD to have a reason to hit me and abuse me. But the longer I waited for Rey to return, the more scared I felt. What was he going to do to me when he got back? If Rey got caught selling drugs would I get busted too? I didn't want to lose my baby. He had been my everything. The only person who cared about me. The only person I told everything to and could trust and rely on. Did I really want to lose that simply because he hurt me sometimes? 

 I had made my decision. I wanted to stay with my love. I needed to stay with him. I honestly don't know who I am without him. 

 I quickly clean up my eye but I couldn't open it because of the swelling. Only one brown eye looked back at me. The other was hidden behind a wall of damaged skin.

   I got some ice from the front desk and tried my best to make some of the swelling go down as much as possible before Rey got home. By the time I heard Rey knocking on the door, the swelling was reduced quite a bit and it didn't look so gruesome.

   I opened the door and was greeted with a warm kiss. His mouth was so soft. Why was I thinking about leaving earlier? How could I leave him?

   Rey smiled at me with that quirky smile I loved. "Guess how much I made?" We went back and forth for a while; me guessing and him telling me if I was getting any closer. I loved him. He loved me. What more could I ask for?

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