Get Away

Alyssa saw the signs that she was in an abusive relationship, she just chose to ignore them. Now that she has run away with her abusive boyfriend Rey, she realizes that she needs to get away. But how will she do that when he's taken her miles away from home?

Now Alyssa is caught in the middle of a top-secret plan and some interesting people she never knew existed. Her life will never be normal again.
How will Alyssa survive in this new dangerous world she has stumbled into? And who is the stranger who continues to help her? And most importantly, why does he seem so familiar?

(This is my first story so please don't judge it too harshly. I put a lot of effort into this book.)


4. If you love me


  "Get up, Lissy." I couldn't remember much from last night. All I knew was that I could no longer call myself a virgin. I guess I was bound to lose it soon, since I just turned 18 last week.

While getting changed in the bathroom I noticed another bruise on my arm; this one not as large as the first. What was happening to me? Why couldn't I remember anything from yesterday? 

 I decided to take a shower. But in the middle of shaving my legs I heard the bathroom door open and Rey pulled back the curtains. 

 I tried to cover myself. "Rey! Get out!" I shouted. He just sat there eyeing me. I was furious.

 "C'mon it's nothin' I haven't seen before. Or at least last night." He chuckled but I wouldn't give in. I stayed hidden behind the shower curtain. 

 "Please get out and let me shower in peace?" I begged. He nodded and left the bathroom. What was that all about? 

 I finished up and got dressed quickly. Rey was standing outside of the bathroom waiting for me. "Hello." I said cheerily. He replied with a kiss on my cheek. 

 "I've got big plans for today." He spoke excitedly. And I just couldn't help but smile.

 "Please don't tell me it's the same plans you had for last night." I joked. 

 "Heck no. This's serious, Lis. Quit bein' childish." He yelled. His face lit up once more and he pulled several bags out of his pocket. "This is how we're gunna pay for a house for us." 

 I stared at the bags. I knew instantly what it was. My thoughts flashed to Brian. Wasn't he caught doing this exact same thing yesterday? "Uhh." I choked. 

 "What? Aren't you happy?" Rey spat. "Figures you would act like this. You're not gunna ruin my fun." I backed away from the white powder and him. I looked him straight in the eyes.

 "Rey. You can't do this." I said cautiously. I knew I was walking on thin ice here, but I needed to stop him before he got both of us in trouble. 

 "I can do whatever the hell I want. You ain't gunna stop me." He yelled. I looked down to avoid his deadly stare and continued to stop him. 

 "We can get money another way. I could get a job. But please, Rey. If you love me. You won't do this." He turned furious then. 

 "I guess I don't love you then. This could be a big break for me and you ain't gunna ruin it." He pushed me to the floor and headed towards the door. 

 "Please, Rey!" I pleaded, getting up from the floor and rushing to him. I grabbed his arm as to stop him. Big mistake. He turned around fast and the last thing I remember before blacking out was Rey's fist flying towards my face. 

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