Get Away

Alyssa saw the signs that she was in an abusive relationship, she just chose to ignore them. Now that she has run away with her abusive boyfriend Rey, she realizes that she needs to get away. But how will she do that when he's taken her miles away from home?

Now Alyssa is caught in the middle of a top-secret plan and some interesting people she never knew existed. Her life will never be normal again.
How will Alyssa survive in this new dangerous world she has stumbled into? And who is the stranger who continues to help her? And most importantly, why does he seem so familiar?

(This is my first story so please don't judge it too harshly. I put a lot of effort into this book.)


1. I ran away


 I ran away. At least that's what I kept telling myself. But why does it feel so much like kidnap then?

 My boyfriend Rey talked me into running away with him. But now that I look back, it was more of a threat. I didn't realize it at the time. I was so "madly in love" with him that I was blind to the monster hidden behind that beautiful face.  So I agreed to go with him.

 It wasn't hard to run away, actually just the opposite. My parents never gave much thought to where I was when I wasn't home. I suspect they thought I was with a friend or studying somewhere. They worked too often to realize that their only daughter was rarely home. That's why It confused me that Rey wanted me to run away with him. I was already free to do whatever I liked and go wherever I felt. It wasn't like Rey was locked in a cage either. Being 21 and living on your own did have its advantages.

 Then why, you might ask, did I agree to run away when it seemed like everything was already perfect? Why didn't I think it all through? Why was it so easy for me to simply give up my old life for this new one on the run? I can answer all these questions with one answer, love. Do not doubt the power of a hormonal teenager who thinks she has found her soul mate.

 So here I was, sitting in the passenger seat of his beat-up truck. One of his hands on the wheel, the other laid gently on my thigh. So many emotions running through me as I thought through what I had just done. Had I really just took off with my boyfriend without even leaving a note behind like in those sappy movies? I vaguely remember stuffing various clothing into a large duffle bag along with assorted toiletries and a few other items I found necessary. That was where my memories blurred and the only thing I remember happening after that was sitting in his car about an hour after we left.

 I closed my eyes and breathed. The smell of alcohol and smoke was the ever-present scent in Rey's car and it was giving me a headache. I reached to roll down the window when I noticed a large bruise on the inside of my forearm. I froze and searched my memory for the source of the bruise and came up empty. I would not forget getting a bruise that large, so why couldn't I remember? I instinctively held my arm across my stomach as to hide it from Rey. I wouldn't want him being concerned about me.

 Rey noticed and gave me a funny look. "What you got there?" He asked with slight sincerity. I sighed and reluctantly showed him the odd bruise. His eyes widened slightly before his face became emotionless. "You 'member where you got it?" His voice was hard.

 I shrugged. "Not really. I must have got it when I was running around the house packing." I tried to make it out as no big deal.

 His face relax with relief. "Must 'ave." was all he said before returning his focus to the road. I breathed a small sigh of relief. Rey was possessive when he felt concerned for my well being. He might even have turned around and brought me home if he thought I had gotten the bruise from something dangerous.

 I laughed to myself. No, Rey wouldn't have taken me home. Nothing would have made Rey take me home. Even if he felt I was in danger, his pride and ego were too large to make it this far just to give up.

 "Hey babe," my heart fluttered whenever he called me that, "could you light me a cigarette?" I Immediately grabbed my purse and began digging through it. Rey would not be happy if I made him wait too long. I found my pack of Marlburos and took one out. He took it from me along with a lighter. I watched him put the cigarette to his mouth and wave the lighter in front of it. I turned away.

 I hated smoking and it pained me that my love felt it was necessary to smoke in front of me. I rolled down my window then, ignoring he bruise on my arm this time. The wind made my hair go crazy. I loved the way the fresh air filled my lungs and gave me relief from the smoke-filled truck. I even closed my eyes and stuck my head slightly out the window. I'm not sure how long I stayed like that before Rey started yelling at me.

 "Alyssa get your fat head in here before I chuck 'is thing at you." The "thing" he was referring to was my ringing cell phone. I grabbed it from the cup holder and checked the caller I.D.  It was my mother.

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