Get Away

Alyssa saw the signs that she was in an abusive relationship, she just chose to ignore them. Now that she has run away with her abusive boyfriend Rey, she realizes that she needs to get away. But how will she do that when he's taken her miles away from home?

Now Alyssa is caught in the middle of a top-secret plan and some interesting people she never knew existed. Her life will never be normal again.
How will Alyssa survive in this new dangerous world she has stumbled into? And who is the stranger who continues to help her? And most importantly, why does he seem so familiar?

(This is my first story so please don't judge it too harshly. I put a lot of effort into this book.)


7. I needed to get away


   I wasn't sure how much longer I could put up with this. All the fighting, anger, an rage. Then the violent attacks on me. All the stifled screams. The pain. All the nights I would cry myself to sleep. Man I must be really messed up to have gone through all that and still stay with Rey.

   I had tried to convince myself that Rey wasn't all that bad. That somewhere deep down inside, he was still a good guy who would never really mean to hurt me the way he does. Why? Why do I put myself through all this?

 Rey was gone again. My mind was fuzzy as I laid on the bed we shared. Rey had left angry at me. Which meant he would not have a good day. Which meant he would return to me angry once again and I would have to go through the abuse.

   "No. You don't HAVE to go through the abuse." I said to myself. This was what it all resulted in. I talked to myself whenever Rey wasn't around. Half the time I wouldn't even know what I was saying. I would just hear someone speaking to me who somehow had my voice.

   "But I love him..." I whispered. I didn't really believe it anymore. I just repeated it to myself over and over again as my excuse for staying.

   Why was I even staying? There was an easy way out of this. But I was stubborn. I never liked taking the easy way out. Was that why I was staying? 

 I thought it was about time I started being honest with myself. "Why are you staying here? With him?" I said out loud. This was pathetic but it was the only way I could really communicate with myself. Sad, I couldn't even think for myself. That was Rey's job.

   I felt my pocket vibrate and immediately knew who it was. Stacy was the only person who called me anymore. It felt nice to have someone to talk to. I couldn't even talk to Rey anymore. Every time I tried he would get irritated at me.

   "Hey!" Stacy's giddy voice was nice to hear after all I've been going through today.

   "Hey Stacy." I said kind of sadly. She took this and immediately pounded me with questions.

   "What's wrong? Is it Rey? What did he do? You can tell me, Lys." I broke down sobbing. Stacy still didn't know anything about how Rey treated me. I refused to tell her.

   "I just want to go home." I said between sobs.

   "Oh Alyssa! I've been praying that you'd come to your senses and realize how bad Rey is for you! You should have never run away." She was now sobbing as well. Oh I realized how bad Rey was for me. She had no idea what I'd been through.

   "I can't leave though." It finally hit me why I stayed. Rey. Even though I didn't love him. Even though he hit me. Even though he was completely wrong for me. I felt sorry for him.

   Stacy sighed. "Alyssa. Please come home." She whispered.

   I started sobbing again. I was choking on my own tears. "I can't Stacy. I don't even know where I am. And I can't leave Rey. I don't even know what he'd do without me." 

  Stacy was quiet for a while. I was afraid maybe she had hung up on me. But when I checked my phone I saw that she was still on the line. We just sat there in silence for a few minutes until I heard the doorknob jiggling.   "I have to go." I said quickly and hung up without a goodbye.

   Rey walked in the door. "Who're you talking to?" He said. I could tell he didn't really care about the answer. He was just being nice.

   "Oh no one." I said slowly. "How was your day?" I said, quickly changing the subject. 

  Rey came over and gave me a long kiss. "What was that for?" I asked. He never just randomly kissed me for no reason. He must have had a prosperous day. 

 "Oh just had a good day." Did I call it? Or did I call it? He smiled sweetly at me. Well this was good. Maybe I would be able to sleep peacefully. 

  "We'll that great!" I said. I decided to try and keep his good mood up. So I came over to him, wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him. As soon as our lips met, he smiled. I could feel his smile while we kissed and I smiled too. This was turning out to be a pretty good night.   I decided to turn it up a notch. I kissed him more and slid my hands down his chest. He pushed me away then. 

 "Don't be such a slut, Lissy." He shouted. Oh no. I couldn't do anything right. I hope he didn't get angry at me. I was really starting to have a nice night.

   "I had a nice day and you had to go and ruin it! Jeez why are you so annoying?" I frowned.

   "I'm sorry!" I cooed. I had to fix this before he got too mad.

   "Would you shut up!" He yelled. I flinched and Rey's clenched fist made contact with my shoulder. But it wasn't over. "You worthless piece of shit!" He yelled before kicking me behind my knee, making me collapse on the floor. I just sat there on the floor. Not crying, not even thinking. I just sat there. Kind of stunned. As he yelled at me. I felt him kick me a few more times before giving up.

   I had to get away. Nothing was worth this. I didn't care if I would lose Rey. He obviously didn't care about me anyways. I jut needed to leave. I needed to get away.  

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