Saved at Dark Hours

I stared up at him, tears forming in my eyes. I watched his expression on his slender face, hoping to see him stumble over his words. He didn't though, his face stayed taut not showing any expression, while my heart broke even more.
"No!" I raised my voice pushing my hands into his shoulders as the tears spilled down my cheeks. "Louis please don't think that way" I choke out. He wrapped his hands around my wrists and held them firm. I could tell he was in pain physically and emotionally. I learned to see past his façade to the real Louis.
"Dakota, me thinking differently is not going to change the outcome." He said his face now pulling down showing remorse.
"Louis, this is just another block in our road, all we have to do is climb it." I said quieter "we can do this"
He let go of my wrist and lifted his hand to my face. Brushing the hair out of my eyes he leaned down and kissed my forehead. "That's the thing Coda, I cant climb this one." (Louis Fanfic)


6. 6

Once my mom was asleep I grabbed my jacket and quietly went down stairs. I wasnt tired at all since I woke up seven hours ago. I wanted to head to Millers to see Maddi, ok well I wanted to see Louis too especially after our awkward meeting earlier. I havent been able to keep my mind off of him. There was something about his stature and how mysterious he was that made me crave time with him. I want to get to know him, know his story that makes him so unique. I was already almost to Millers when I noticed where I was. I hadnt been paying attention much. I saw in the windows as Sue carried a tray to a table and cleaned it. Over in the far corner Maddi was putting together napkins and silverware. I walked in and sat at the booth I sat in the night before. Maddi waved at me and gave me a smile. I smiled back and looked around the diner. As I looked my eyes never found what they were looking for. Where was Louis? Sue walked over to me and gave me a smile. "Hello dear, what did you want?" I put the menu down and looked up at her. "I'll just have a coffee." she nodded and went off to get it for me. "Hey Coda" Maddi said as she sat in front of me. "Hey Maddi" I looked over her shoulder and let out a little sigh. "He doesnt always come at the same time." I looked at Maddi and blushed. I didnt realize she noticed my dissapointment. "what are you talking about." I tried to cover up. "you were looking for Louis, werent you?" she asked. "Oh, um no I was just ..." "its ok" she interupted. she gave me a reasurring smile. Sue walked over and gave me my coffee at that time. "thank you" I said. "Maddi have you finished?" she asked. Maddi sighed a little and got up. "I'll talk to you in a bit" she said before she walked off to finish her job. I picked up my coffee wrapping my hands around the warm mug. putting it up to my lips I could feel the heat coming up from the dark liquid and could smell the rich aroma. I took a sip and letting the coffee burn down my throat warming my body. I looked up and saw Louis walking in. He had a school bag thrown across his body and he looked drained. He sat down and pulled out a book setting it next to him on the table. My eyes wondered to his face and I almost gasped in shock at how dark the bruise was under his eye. he probably didnt feel the need to cover now. As Im watching him his eyes dart up and pierce right into mine, except for this time neither one of us looked away. we just sat there staring. I wasnt the least bit intimidated. his soft blue eyes kept me in a trance just like earlier. His lips curl up into a small smile. I smiled back just slightly I didnt want him to think I was desparate. I looked back at the coffee in my hands and take another drink trying to keep myself occupied. I looked up and this time he was standing by my booth. "Hi, Dakota right?" He asked. Up close his black and blue tinted skin looked worse. "um yeah" I said trying to keep my voice steady. "my I sit here" he sid gesturing to the seat facing me. I nodded my head "sure go ahead". He sat down and looked at me. "what?" I asked starting to get insecure. he smiled "nothing" I gave him a weird look. "ok?" . we sat there in silence till he spoke up. "so why are you not asleep?" He asked. I laughed a little at his question considering he was awake too. I also didnt want to bore him with my sob story. "I slept all day. not really tired" He nodded his head. "ah ok" "so why arent you asleep?" I asked trying to keep the conversation going. He looked down and smiled a little. I waited for his reply. "oh I have insumnia." He said looking up at me with a dullness in his eyes. I couldnt tell if he was serious or if he was covering up whats really keeping him from sleeping but I just nodded. "oh, im sorry" I said. he gave me a crooked smile. "its ok" I was feeling a little awkward now so I looked out the window for a little bit. I felt a vibration in my pocket from my phone. I pulled it out reading the contact.; Mom. I sighed realizing shes probably freaking out cause Im not at home. I got out of the booth and set some money on the table. "where you going?" Louis asked. I looked at him and smiled "I have to go home." I said. "maybe we can talk again sometime?" he asked  "Id like that" I said walking to the front door.

*A/N- Hello Lovelies. I hope you like the story:) Im sorry but It will be taking me a little more time to update now. somethings are going on and Im getting busier. please stick with the story though I hope that It will be just as popular as Married maybe even more:D*

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