Saved at Dark Hours

I stared up at him, tears forming in my eyes. I watched his expression on his slender face, hoping to see him stumble over his words. He didn't though, his face stayed taut not showing any expression, while my heart broke even more.
"No!" I raised my voice pushing my hands into his shoulders as the tears spilled down my cheeks. "Louis please don't think that way" I choke out. He wrapped his hands around my wrists and held them firm. I could tell he was in pain physically and emotionally. I learned to see past his façade to the real Louis.
"Dakota, me thinking differently is not going to change the outcome." He said his face now pulling down showing remorse.
"Louis, this is just another block in our road, all we have to do is climb it." I said quieter "we can do this"
He let go of my wrist and lifted his hand to my face. Brushing the hair out of my eyes he leaned down and kissed my forehead. "That's the thing Coda, I cant climb this one." (Louis Fanfic)


4. 4

I felt kind of awkward under his eye but he didnt seem to notice either that or he didnt care. "here you go " Maddi said setting my bowl down. "thank you" I said picking up the ranch and drizzling a little bit on the salad. I looked up to see Maddi still standing there smiling. "yes?" i asked. she sat down across from me and set her apron on the table. "so whats your name?" she asked me. I looked at her weirdly, she wasnt going to leave was she. over the top of her shoulder I could see the boy still watching us. "um" I said looking back at Maddi. "oh yeah Im Dakota" I said. "thats a pretty name" she smiled at me. I gave her a smile back. "thanks". I went back to eating my salad. It was kind of nice having Maddi sitting with me and talking. "we're friends now right?" Maddi asked. I looked up quickly. ok this is getting wierd. I mean strangely I liked the fact that she wanted to be friends. "sure" I said back to her. she smoothed her hair down with her hands and sighed. "so do you usually work night shifts?" I asked. "well I work them on friday and saturday. but the rest of the week im off." I nodded my head. "oh ok" I looked over at the guy again this time he was flipping through a magazine. I think Maddi noticed my staring. "thats Louis" I lookd back at her. "what?" I asked, the guy you're staring at, his name is Louis. He goes to the community college on the otherside of town. I think hes 21. anyways he comes here everynight. well early morning." as she spoke about him I couldnt help but watch him, which is weird cause I normally dont notice guys that much they usually notice me. He looked up at me, catching me staring again. "fuck" I said quietly looking down at my salad. "what?" Maddi asked chuckling a little. I just shook my head hoping she would drop the subject. luckily she did. "well I better go my parents are going to get worried." she said to me as she stood up and took her hair out of the ponytail. Her dark blonde hair fell on her shoulders and it has wave to it. she gave me one last smile before she walked out the door. I began to have that empty feeling again as soon as she left. I scooted all the way into the corner of the booth and finished my salad. "I will see you tomorrow night Pat" I looked up to see Louis give a small wave to who I now know as Pat before walking for the door. when he opened the door he gave me one last look before walking out cloaking himself in darkness. I looked at the clock on the wall. "shit" I cussed. I have about 30 minutes until Mom comes home and she is not going to like it if im not there. I left the money on the table and called out a thank you as I bolted for the door.

I made it home with 5 minutes to spare. I went up stairs feeling the lack of  sleep hitting me. I collapsed on my bed and didnt even strip down. I thought I was going to fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow but instead my mind kept thinking about tonight. I now have a friend and I became intrigued with a guy named Louis. Louis... I pictured his messy brown hair and then his tattoos. I was only able to notice a few of them because I was far away and he had a shirt on. I touched my back where I have my small angel wing tattoos and then my foot with the cross tattoo. they seemed like nothing compared to his vast majority of them. I rolled over on to my side and closed my eyes. Why does Louis go there everynight? is there something in his life hes trying to escape like I am? My mind was starting to get foggy and my thoughts were now jumbled. I was not yet going to sleep though because I was scared. Im scared of having my nightmares once again. I didnt want to face what my family used to be. finally my exhaustion won over my fears and I was out.

*A/N-otay my lovely readers:) I hope everyone is doing well! please let me know what you think of the chapters. I realized I make stories go by really fast so Im trying to slow things down a bit. so I hope you are liking it:D*

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