Saved at Dark Hours

I stared up at him, tears forming in my eyes. I watched his expression on his slender face, hoping to see him stumble over his words. He didn't though, his face stayed taut not showing any expression, while my heart broke even more.
"No!" I raised my voice pushing my hands into his shoulders as the tears spilled down my cheeks. "Louis please don't think that way" I choke out. He wrapped his hands around my wrists and held them firm. I could tell he was in pain physically and emotionally. I learned to see past his façade to the real Louis.
"Dakota, me thinking differently is not going to change the outcome." He said his face now pulling down showing remorse.
"Louis, this is just another block in our road, all we have to do is climb it." I said quieter "we can do this"
He let go of my wrist and lifted his hand to my face. Brushing the hair out of my eyes he leaned down and kissed my forehead. "That's the thing Coda, I cant climb this one." (Louis Fanfic)


14. 13

Louis' POV

I rolled over in pain as I laid there on my bed. clutching my stomach I let a moan slip through my lips. I knew something was wrong when I started getting more and more exhausted these past few days. Now that Im in so much pain it just proved my point. The pain subsided for a bit just enough for me to sit up. "Louis, honey lunch is ready." I heard my mom call through my door. "I'll be there in a bit." I answered. I was in no shape to eat but she was expecting me to so I stood up and walked out of my room putting on a less pained expression. "I have your sandwich and an orange on the table for you babe" she said as I walked into the kitchen. I sat down and stared at the food in front of me. I noticed my sister starring "what?" I asked a little harsh. she shook her head and went back to eating. "Louis are you ok?" I looked at my mom and smiled. "yeah Im fine" I lied the last thing I wanted was her to start worrying again. I picked up the sandwich and took a bite swallowing it and letting the pain come again.

I threw up again leaning over the toilet my body shaking and my head pounding. I leaned up against the bathtub and wiped some of the sweat away from my forehead. "Louis, please open the door." it was my mom again for the third time. I finally opened the door and she saw me on the floor. Her face instantly falling as she came in and wrapped her arms around me. "mom im ok its just a bug" I said she felt if I had a fever then helped me to my room. her worry lines were very prominent. "Louis Im taking you into the doctor tomorrow." I rolled my eyes. "mom im ok" she shook her head. "Don't back talk im doing it rather you like it or not." she kissed my forehead then left. I sighed and tried finding a comfortable spot to lay. I heard my phone go off and I saw it was Dakota.

D - Hey Louis were you free tonight?

L - Im actually sick I caught a bug or something :(

D -  Oh Im sorry want me to come over?

L - No that's ok :) thank you though. I'll hopefully see you tomorrow?

D - Ok feel better soon. :)

I set my phone down and curled up holding my stomach as the pain came again. please be just a bug. truth is I don't want to go to the doctor because Im terrified that my cancer is back.

*A/N- small chapter im sorry hope to update again soon though. please like and comment and stuff :D that would be much appreciated!*

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