Dear Agony

I can't even anymore. Seeing them in the hallways, in our classes, at lunch, on Facebook and Instagram, and sometimes through my window when I'm lying around the house. It hurts like hell. I'm friends with them both but lately, it hurts more than usual. The moment I think I'm getting over them, I think of something or I see something, or some idiot says something, and it comes back full force.

(The title comes from the song Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin.)


9. Pinching, Teasing, And Maybe A Little Kissing?

(A/N Hey peoples! I'm feeling a bit better thanks to my blonde besties (you should really get yourself some blonde friends, they're miracle workers I swear) so here's chapter 8! Enjoy!)


Alex's POV

I woke up to Kaci sitting on my back and pinching me in random places. Huh, no wonder there were suddenly invisible crabs pinching me in my dream of a non-stop cheesecake buffet. I notice she doesn't realize I'm up so I keep my breathing even and wait for a few seconds. When I feel it's the right time, I flip us over and tickle her, "Say uncle!" She's turning red from holding back her laughter so I know she won't go down easily. She proves me right by yelling, "N-n-never! You should've g-g-gotten up on t-time!" I smirk, pull her shirt up and blow raspberries on her stomach. She goes crazy, laughing and screaming, "Uncle! UNCLE! Haz I can't breathe!! Stooooop! I'm gonna pee on myself!" I smile at the nickname, I didn't think she would actually call me Haz. I don't stop though. This is her punishment for her pinching me.

When she's crying from laughing so hard, I stop and sit up. She takes a minute to catch her breath and I just sit on her and smile smugly, "I won." She glares at me and keeps panting. I think we both realize the position we're in at the same time, I'm straddling her with my hands on her chest and her's are on my hips from trying to push me off. We both blush bright red and look at each other. It's not as tense as I thought it would be but, there's something...different about the way she's looking at me right now. We stare each other in the eye and before we know it, we're both slowly leaning in. When our lips are a breath apart, we both snapped back into reality and pulled away quickly. She blurted out, "I LIKE PIE!". We start laughing like crazy, the tension cleared, and I crawl off her lap. We get dressed for school and then we head to school.

After she drives us to school in my car (she's the only one I let drive my baby besides Addy), we walk in with my arm around her shoulder as I shot glares at anyone who dared to look at us. I could hear them whispering and I caught some of the conversations, "I heard, they're already dating." "She let Kaci drive her car, she nearly killed me one time because I glanced at it for half a second." Then I heard the most disgusting thing I've ever heard in my life, "I heard Haley and Alex are fucking on the side." I spun around so fast I almost knocked Kaci over. "What the fuck did you just say??" I knew exactly who said it, Alliyah Casey. The school snob. She and her 'loyal' followers were the only ones who had anything against the gay people at our school. She scoffed and said, "Apparently you heard me. But in case your 'friend' there didn't hear me, I said I heard that you and Haley are fucking on the behind Kaci's back." She had a smug smile on her face and I couldn't help but want to wipe it off her face but, before I could, Kaci did it for me as if she had read my mind. If I would've blinked, I might have missed it. Kaci Ashford, junior class president and head of every club that she's in, punching someone. She got in Alliyah's face and her voice was dripping so much venom it scared even me, "Do not ever let me hear about you spreading that bullshit around again, you hear me?" Alliyah looked like she had just pissed herself and I would've laughed if I wasn't so turned on by the fire in Kaci's eyes and the seductive way her voice dropped a few octaves. Alliyah took to long to answer and Kaci slapped her across the face sharply, "I said, did. You. Hear. Me?" Alliyah nodded her head so fast I thought it would fall off. Kaci spun around to me and her face softened, she was near tears. I reacted without even thinking and pulled her into a huge, tight hug and she sniffed so quietly I barely heard it. Alliyah was still holding her candy apple-colored cheek as I led Kaci away and shot Alliyah a look that I've been told could curdle milk or make a professional wrestler wet his pants.

We decided to skip again. We let the principal know, he was up to date on everything  because he's a really cool guy, and headed off. We decided to stop by the mall and see what there is to see. We lost track of time and, after realizing we had been in the mall for going on six hour, decided to do some scenic driving then head to my house. My dad is an ass and has his own place while I stay with my mom. She's annoying at times but she's a mom. I ran around to the passenger side and held Kaci's door open. She blushed and linked her arm with mine as I lead her inside. We moved to a bigger house recently, I have the top floor and Mom has the second floor. We go up to my new room and Kaci gasps when she sees the art walls covered with random paintings; some of her, some of both of us, and then just random doodles. She laughs hysterically and falls on my king-sized bedspread. "Otay, otay. I think I get it. My obsession with you is hilarious. Ha ha fucking ha."

Kaci's POV

I'm laughing so hard I can feel the tears running down my face but I don't stop them, it feels nice to laugh this hard. I haven't laughed like this in a long time. I can see Aly's starting to get mad, "A-awwww A-Aly!! I-I'm s-sorry, b-but its s-so a-adorable and f-funny!!" I break out in hysterics again and I'm holding my sides now. She's blushing now and it just makes me laugh harder. She sniffles and I immediately stop laughing. I look at her and realize she's crying. I pull her into a hug and shush her, "I'm sorry Aly. I didn't mean it." I realize she's laughing and I hit her on the head, "You lying bitch! You scared me! I thought you were really upset about it!" She's still laughing and I grab something off her nightstand and throw it at her. It misses by a mile and she starts laughing impossibly harder.

After about five minutes of laughing hysterically, she calms down. She shows me where the bathroom is and I take first shower, "But Kaciiiiiiii! I wanted first shower!" "Too damn bad! You should've thought of that before you tricked me!"


After we shower, it's around 9:30. Today felt longer than the red carpet. We're both in over sized t-shirts with a pair of Aly's boxers on. We have a Paramore/Flyleaf music dance party. We air-guitar and do the rocker hair whip. By 2am, we're both exhausted and so when we finally flop on the bed, we silently agree that it's definitely time for bed.

We crawl into the same position we've been in every night that we've ever slept in the same bed and Aly flips on My Heart by Paramore. I'm about to drift off when something occurs to me, we never talked about what almost happened this morning. I hear her breathe in deeply behind me and turn over so we're face to face. I bring a hand up to cup her cheek in my hand and trace her lips with my thumb. She lets out a contented sigh and kisses my palm before opening her eyes and a shocked expression takes over her face. I chuckle and shush her, "Relax Aly. It's okay." I look from her eyes to her lips and back while she does the same. We both lean in and close our eyes at the same time. When our lips meet for the first time, I can feel electricity running through me and I can see fireworks going off behind my eyelids.

It's a small, brief kiss when we pull away, we're both breathless. She puts her hand over my hand that's still cupping her face and intertwines our fingers before moving it away. "That was...," she starts. I smile softly, knowing exactly what she's thinking. "Yeah, I know." She yawns and I remember we have school tomorrow. I kiss her softly one more time and turn around. She throws her arm over my waist again and pulls me close. She's out in record time.

It's not until she's asleep that I realize My Heart is still on repeat.

I drift off to her deep breathing and the feeling of her heartbeat against my back.

Alex's POV

I wait until I'm sure she's sleep and then I whisper, "Kaci, I know you can't hear me right now but.....I love you. I know that you know I love you but I don't think I've ever actually told you." I laugh softly remembering the picture of us in her room, "Remember when I asked if we'd always be best friends? I've wanted to be more than friends since the summer after fifth grade. I can't help but wonder if I have a chance, you know? I know it's only been a few weeks since the break up but....I just really wanna be the one to put you back together after what she did. But I know that the best way to help you heal would be to be your friend for as long as it takes. I'll always be here for you Kace. However you want me."

I drifted off with a smile on my face, happy to have all that off my chest.

Kaci's POV

I can't believe it. She thought I was asleep but I wasn't. I know she's loved me for awhile now but..since before fifth? That's over six years! Honestly though, I find it cute and endearing. I love her too. I've come to terms with that and I'd love to date her but, she's right. We have to wait a while, I'm still hurting over the Haley and Jake situation.

If anybody breaks first, it'll probably be me.

My Heart is slowly drawing to a close and I can't help but think how ironic it is that Paramore's lead singer's name is Haley. 

And after hearing that, I know that I truly do love my Aly.

I want so badly to give her the chance she deserves...the chance we deserve.

I just have to get over Haley first

When she sings out, This heart, it beats. Beats for only you. My heart is yours, I finally drift into la la land.

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