Dumb Fanfic Moments

Hey Movella! I'm just writing a "manual" on how to not write a fan fiction! I'm REALLY sorry if I'm offending you in any way, I can take any chapters down for you. Not harm meant, just laughs! Enjoy!


2. Concerts

#2 Concerts:
So, lets say the main characters name is Jessie. Jessie and her 4 other friends (how convenient) all go to a 1D concert. Jessie has no idea who they are, and got invited at the last minute, but decides to go. OMG! They even have backstage passes! When they sit down, immediately Harry Styles spots Jessie in the backrow out of 50,000 screaming gorgeous girls! BAM! Instantly in love with a stranger country girl. And out of no where he, asks Jessie to come on the stage and sing with him. Then, in the middle of the concert he kisses her, then backstage all her friends get a member and make out and get caught by the paparazzi and go in the closet and have sex. The End. I believe I have summed up ever single fanfic I've ever read.  So lets talk about what went wrong in my summary, shall we?
First- 5 people went. Do you know how much money that costs? There teens! Parents don't give money anymore! And they all a guy. Gerf. 
Second- She has no idea who they are, but wants to go to their concert? No. She got invited at the last minute? No. Me and friend  planned our concert for 9 freaking months. 
Third- The lights are blinding the boys! You can't see one perfect girl from like 100 feet away. 
Fourth- You. Don't. Even. Know. Jessie. You can't fall in love with her looks. Ew. 
Fifth- She just happens to be an amazing singer. Wow! Also, you can't just bring someone up on stage in the middle of the concert nor kiss them. 
Sixth- Every girl has their own boy and they all fall in love in like 2 seconds. They also know exactly which boy they go to and exactly what girl they go to. No. 
Seventh- They all find there own place to make out and have sex. No. Just plain no. 

A/N- Sorry this was kind of a rant haha. Not trying to offend anyone. At all. ~ Abby❤

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