Dumb Fanfic Moments

Hey Movella! I'm just writing a "manual" on how to not write a fan fiction! I'm REALLY sorry if I'm offending you in any way, I can take any chapters down for you. Not harm meant, just laughs! Enjoy!


4. Bye for a Year Mom!

#4 Bye for a Year Mom!
Ok so, I think that this could be one of the worst moments ever in a fanfic. I'll just have the girl be Paige in this one. 
I walked inside eagerly, just knowing my mom would say yes. "Hey mom!" I said excitedly. 
"Well hey there sugarbottom!"
"Ok so I was wondering, can I go on a world tour with 5 strangers, not knowing if they're going to kill, rape, starve, or sacrifice me to satan, with millions of fans chasing them, I'll have to drop out of school and we'll have no way to communicate with you for one year away from here?"
"Sure HoneyBunches of Oats! Go ahead and have a great time!" She said. Then I left for one year without even saying goodbye or I love you. The End. 

I don't even to talk about what went wrong here. EVERYTHING WAS WRONG.  Now, if you were a mom, would you really let your child do that? I'd just say "HELL NO." and flick her in the head. 

A/N- Hey guys! I don't think you read these so ill probably stop them soon. Hope you like this one! UGH it makes me SO mad! ~ Abby❤

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