Dumb Fanfic Moments

Hey Movella! I'm just writing a "manual" on how to not write a fan fiction! I'm REALLY sorry if I'm offending you in any way, I can take any chapters down for you. Not harm meant, just laughs! Enjoy!


5. Bathroom

#5 Bathroom
Ok, so this one isn't that bad, but its kinda just something I noticed. I always notice that the characters never go to the bathroom. Like geez. The only reason they do go to the bathroom is to cry or put on makeup. Hey, I'm not pointing anyone out here! I'm guilty of this too! But seriously, apparently everyone wears adult diapers because no one actually GOES to the bathroom. Ew just thinking about it, I don't even know. But it's just weird. Bleh. 

A/N- Sorry this was like the shortest chapter EVER. But oh well. EW SCHOOL STARTS ON MONDAY. Abby why are you reminding yourself? ~ Abby ❤

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