Dumb Fanfic Moments

Hey Movella! I'm just writing a "manual" on how to not write a fan fiction! I'm REALLY sorry if I'm offending you in any way, I can take any chapters down for you. Not harm meant, just laughs! Enjoy!


3. Appearance

#3 Appearance
Ok, so I'm just gonna use the name Skylar for this one. 
"I got up really early to prepare myself for my date with Zayn. I need to impress him for our first date. I went to the bathroom an put on lip gloss and light mascara. That's it. Then I slapped on some sweatpants and a plain white tank top and put my hair in a messy bun. Good enough!" DING DONG! He's here! I opened the door. "Hey Skylar. You look gorgeous. You are so hot in that beautiful outfit. I'm so lucky to call you mine." The End. 
Oh my. Well, first off, she's wearing pajamas, barley any makeup, and has in a messy bun. And second, it's possible to gorgeous because..? I don't know but somebody think of one for me. 

A/N- Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating. Extra credit for school -_- but here's a short chapter! ~ Abby ❤ 

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