✧ In the House of Cosmos, the Cherubim - one of the High Orders of Angels in the heavenly hierarchy - are training newborn Angels to take over the posts that were left open when God threw the traitors from Heaven. But can the eternally adolescent divines ever live up to the great expectations? Will any of them be suited to fill out the posts of the High Orders, or will the Cherubim have to throw them all down to earth as Guardians? And what happens if one of them is playing with the same thoughts that once led Lucifer to his rebellion? ✧


1. Prologue


Angels are immortal, hence there is only use for very few of them. But one day, thousands of years after the War of Heaven that eventually led to the Fall, God decides that he will have to replace the ones he threw out. That was done by selecting souls at their birth and granting them divinity. Not all the new angels were as amenable as they needed to be, so to render them suitable and to to separate the wheat from the chaff, God created the House of Cosmos, an angelic finishing school.


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