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Brooklyn is a normal girl that is bullied by the school bad boys Justin , Ryan and chaz but one time they take it two far after Brooklyn babysitter goes out to by pizza and Justin forces her to go to a party. Things then start to get more interesting when the senior are given a 2 month break from school to have a vacation, the boys are about to leave when Brooklyn is asked to go with them to LA to have some fun. READ TO FIND OUT MORE !!


9. Makeover

Brooklyn POV*

I wake up to Dakota jumping on my bed “get up you lazy bitch we got school today” she says getting off my bed “ and we have to get you a makeover” she adds shaking her hips and pulling me out of the bed “ Dakota l don’t want to go school , beside people will still notice its me “ l say as she pushes me into the bathroom. “ugh, do you know who you are talking to , l am Dakota Isiah the queen of makeup and when your with me you’re going to look different “ she says pulling out her phone and take a picture of me and then says “ say good bye to the old Brooklyn” she said.


She let me have a shower and l did my morning shit, afterwards she got me a fresh rob and then started with my hair, she dyed it into a blonde and black ombre colour and then cut it into layers with a side fridge in front, she didn’t make it look straight so she made lose curls. She also had the equipment with her because she worked at a salon so she had experience. She added blue contact and then added light makeup.  “ now try out some clothes” she say leading me into her massive walk-in closet ‘ l got to say every time l came to Dakotas place it made me jealous ‘ , she took out a bunch of clothes and pushed me into her change room , the first outfit was black ripped jeans with a white crop top saying SWAG !! BELONGS TO ME with some vans and silver cross studs , l walked out and showed her the first outfit “ to hipster” she said , l walked back in and changed into something l really like A white and purple lace skater skirt , purple bandeau , floral vest with white gladiators and also a long silver diamond necklace , l walked out and she legit jumped on me causing me to fall down  “ that looks so hot , you got to wear it to school , okaii” she said still on me yelling and laughing at the same time “l know right I love it , thank you Dakota “ l said hugging her , of course she hugged back and know all l need to do was to wait for Dakota and then head off to school.


We step out of Dakota’s porch and get people looking at us like were are from Hollywood , we walk up to the students admin and find Justin and his gang all talking to the front lady then when we enter they all turn to look at us and l see Ryan an Chaz poke Justin with their elbow then Justin walk’s forward to us and get in between me and Dakota putting his arms around me and starts to flirt l flirt back and then me and Dakota  walk to the front desk “hey can we please talk to the principal” l say leaning on the bench “ sure come this way “ she says leading me and Dakota to the principal’s office.

Justin POV*

Me and the boys went to the student admin cuase l wanted to check if Brooklyn Davis has arrived to school yet and before l could even ask l saw these Dakota and this girl which look familiar, l flirted with her and she flirt back the girl reminded me of Brooklyn in some way’s maybe her smile and her lips , but honestly l really did like this girl better , they walked into the principals office and left me and the boy their we looked at each other and then we ran out of the admin to get air ‘ she took our breath away ‘ l suppose “ damn l want a piece of that !” Chaz said licking his lips and getting his hair all pimped up as if he was going to get her “ chaz back off the girl is mine “ ryan said , pimping himself up as well “ wait a minute none of us can have her yet until we know if she is single and ready to mingle “ l sounded to girly , oh l really got to stop watching  chick flicks .

………..end of school

The day went really quick and l really fell for that new chick but every time  l saw her it like seeing a new booklyn looking much different and omg l just can’t get my mind off Brooklyn and this is the list why:

Her smile is adorable She looks so innocent when she sleeps. She is hot , especially in blue She has a nice body shape

And this why l hate Brooklyn

…………ummmmm ………………..ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nothing …………………….

l don’t know why l hated her so much and this is why l am going to ask for Dakota’s help again until she says yes.


yes from now on l will try my best to upload 2 books in 2-3 days each week. follow me on twitter name is @JB_Savannah12 

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