On My Knees * On hold for 2 moths*

Brooklyn is a normal girl that is bullied by the school bad boys Justin , Ryan and chaz but one time they take it two far after Brooklyn babysitter goes out to by pizza and Justin forces her to go to a party. Things then start to get more interesting when the senior are given a 2 month break from school to have a vacation, the boys are about to leave when Brooklyn is asked to go with them to LA to have some fun. READ TO FIND OUT MORE !!


2. First day of school


Brooklyn POV*

l wake up in the morning with the sound of my mum yelling down stairs , get up Brooklyn or your gonna be late fore your first day of school!! she says, l just get up and reply " l am up , be down in  a few " l walk over to my bathroom that is connected to my room and look at my mirror and just stare at my self and say " yay! gonna be a fucking great year " my voice tone filed with great sarcasm. l hop  into the shower and turn on the hot water and mix it with the cold and just stand there thinking about what gonna happen at school today l return back to reality and quickly scrub myself and then pop out of the shower , l dry my hair and change into a black skater skirts and a nice Galaxy shirt and put on some vans l go back into my bathroom and apply on some light makeup such a mascara,eye shadow and some shiny pink lipstick l then go and straighten my shiny black hair and put into a messy bun and run back into my room grab my bag , phone then run down stairs and say :

Hey mum *kiss on checks* , Hey dad * kiss on checks* ,  l am gonna go now see ya later - l say

Before you leave , tonight your gonna have your babysitter and she is bringing her son over as well so you can help him with dome homework , cause we are going to the airport to pick up your brother - mum said

okaii - l say , l grab a apple and run towards the door , open it and close it.

l walk for a while then l see the boy l wanted to avoid today Justin , Ryan and Chaz coming my direction, l quickly start panicking and think of running but l know if l run l will regret it because l knew exactly what they would do hit me , slap me and punching my until l bleed, " l knew l should have stayed home today " l say under my breath so only l can hear . They walk closer and the first hello l get is a slap right in the face from Justin , followed by the rest , "what was that for " - l ask , Justin looks at me and say " cause your fucking ugly " and replies back with a cheeky laugh " well l am sorry if l am fucking ugly , so just leave me alone " l say , then realizing what l said would clearly get him mad and boy did it , his eyes turned big and black and before l could say anything he punched me right on my cheekbones and jawline and l swear l heard bones cracks l fell down and got punched in the stomach by chaz and kicked by Ryan the last thing l heard was " Listen here Brooklyn , l and my gang will never fucking leave you alone , so next time you see us go with the flow " l and think that was Justin cause l knew the guys voice off by heart.


Justin POV*

We left her lying down on the ground probably dead or unconscious but l don't care, beep beep -  that was my phone l answered it and it was my mum calling me 

Phone convo*

ey Justin tonight you and me are going to babysit tonight -mum said 

who exactly? , and why do l have to go? -  l say

Her name is Brooklyn , and you have to come because the girl is really smart and so she can help with it and also because they last time l left you home you had a party - she said 

wait Brooklyn w- l got cut , fucking hell no credit 

end of convo*

l turn to the guys and say 

l think l have to babysit Brooklyn with my mum tonight 

hahahahah , l feel sorry for you , you have to stay home an look after a whimp - chaz replies

No i don't cause your both coming with me - i say

whoaa, l am not coming - Ryan says

yes , you are and that final- l say 

fine- they both say

we walk into the school gate and everyone is looking at us like were some criminals 

what?-Ryan says

they don't answer  but the next thing we know the principal comes and tell us to go to his office.


Principal office*

a young girl came to school today she was bleeding , now i am not saying it you guys but you guys are the last one to be questioned and everyone else think's it mite be you- he says

honestly we did nothing- chaz says

okay then -he says

alright then- we all say together 


after that talk with the principal we haven't Brooklyn anywhere  , l had her for all of my classes today but she wasn't , honestly l was worried but l was interrupted Brittany , oh and did l tell you she is my girlfriend  yeah , she is but she is way to clingy and all she want's is my dick she is great at that but l don't want it all the time. ' hey*kiss* babe *kiss*'- she says " hey wants up *kiss*- l say " wanna have some fun today " she says biting her lips "sorry not today boo *kiss* - l say " oh okay then "- she say giving me a kiss and prancing away like a ballerina.

school over so now l have to get home to my mum "hey Justin ready to go , or you wanna change into something comfortable" - mum says , " yes , but l gotta go and change my pants " - l say running up stairs  changing into some sweat pants , l run back downstairs with some homework and message Ryan and chaz the address 14 hills street they reply with simple smiles :) , "Justin we gotta go now , or we will be late" - mum says "yeah coming"-l say , l rush outside locking the door and l find my mum in my drivers seat with the engine rolling , l grab a seat next to her and she speeds off really fast.



So this is the first official chapter of ' you got me on my knees ' hope you liked it 






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