On My Knees * On hold for 2 moths*

Brooklyn is a normal girl that is bullied by the school bad boys Justin , Ryan and chaz but one time they take it two far after Brooklyn babysitter goes out to by pizza and Justin forces her to go to a party. Things then start to get more interesting when the senior are given a 2 month break from school to have a vacation, the boys are about to leave when Brooklyn is asked to go with them to LA to have some fun. READ TO FIND OUT MORE !!


21. feeling sick

 Justin POV*

Mad or frustrated could explain how I feel but I am not even close to any of them. Chaz knew I like Brooklyn but he goes ahead and asks her out. And the worst thing he is only using her. How do I know, well I am Justin bieber so I have my sources.


We arrived at the premiere and I was not even in the mood of saying hi to my fan or should I say beliebers, so I walked pretty fast but I did wave to them and putted on a small fake smile. ‘Over here , over here’ the paparazzi called out but of course me not being happy I just stuck the finger up and walked in the theatre where the movie would be playing. I took a seat next to me and shortly after the group followed and Brooklyn sat next to me , chaz, Mia and then Ryan .

“Justin are you okay?” Brooklyn asked, do I look okay to her I mean I just flashed the finger to the paps and stormed away without even giving a flying fuck about the interviewers, and she askers me if I am okay. Bitch please “yeah just fine, nothing wrong with me” I told a lie with sarcasm filled in my voice.

Brooklyn POV*

I didn’t feel good but I did survive that was until the movie started and I couldn’t help it so I ran out to the bathroom. I got there and just vomited my heart out, I don’t know what was wrong , I haven’t had any spoiled food (have I).

I cleaned up and went back to my seat which was near grumpy Justin.

“Are you alright?” Justin asked , I decided not to go all grumpy  like he did to me cause I knew we would probably end up with world war lll “Justin I wanna go , I don’t feel good” I said , I honestly didn’t feel good and no I all want to do is – I ran to the bathroom  and again vomited my heart out , there is something wrong with my.

I was still vomiting when I felt someone lift my hair up while I do my business , they kept rubbing my back and kept saying ‘ don’t worry, just let it all out’ the voice sounded familiar but just in a softer and caring voice.

When I finished I sat on the floor and closed my eye until I heard a chuckle “it only me you can open your eye”?? Said, I opened my eyes and was relieved that it wasn’t some rapist in the ladies bathroom trying to comfort a girl then later on rapes you. But I was glad it was Justin.

“Thanks” I said “for what?” he said “ umm for being there and I guess…… pulling my hair up “ I said. He just nodded then sat next to me on the floor. It was awkward silence at first until we heard the door open and in came .Chaz.


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