On My Knees * On hold for 2 moths*

Brooklyn is a normal girl that is bullied by the school bad boys Justin , Ryan and chaz but one time they take it two far after Brooklyn babysitter goes out to by pizza and Justin forces her to go to a party. Things then start to get more interesting when the senior are given a 2 month break from school to have a vacation, the boys are about to leave when Brooklyn is asked to go with them to LA to have some fun. READ TO FIND OUT MORE !!


17. chaz's girlfriend

                Brooklyn POV*

When Justin told me to get ready for diner and took wear something fancy l was honestly scared because the last time he told me to dress up good well, l ended up having rug and had sexual intercourse with all three boys. So now l am going to wear something fancy but causal l wore black denim pants what shows my curves a white peplum shirt with a black and white blazer, silver heels and a little bit of makeup.


We arrived at the location and it was beautiful but it was shortly wrecked by fans screaming Justin’s. at the time l was confused first we see fans calling his name and then paparazzi at the airport and now here, l think l these boys need to do some explaining “Guys why are their screaming fans outside calling Justin’s name” l ask “Brooklyn l am not you think I am” Justin says “l notice that, but who are you then?” l ask “well as you might not know l am Justin bieber and l am a singer” he explains l was still confused on how l now one in the school knew him “ so how come no one knows you back at home” l ask “ well because l recommended that they don’t play my songs near out district because at home l want to have a normal life” he explains “ But don’t peo-“ before l can finished Ryan cuts in “ can we order now” Ryan says “sure” l say.

………….at home…..

It was about 10pm when we got back home l was tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. I had a quick shower and when l walked out l found chaz sitting on my bed “what are you doing here” l ask “ugh…l just ….wanted to say …….sorry for punching you” he says “it okay l think l know why you did it …..but tell me the truth” l say sitting next to him in my bathroom robe “fine… l came to say that l still like you from grade 5 and l honestly wanted to this for a while” he says but before l could answer he smacks his lips onto mine, we kiss for a minute then he asks for entrance to explore my mouth and surprisingly l give him permission it get heated a little and then chaz and l start to slowly fall back down to my bed without breaking apart.

 He starts kissing down my neckline until he finds my soft spot and sucks there and then leaves a hickey so l gladly return one to him , until he starts taking my robe off “chaz l can’t do it” l say “why?” he says sounding confused “ because chaz everything is going to be awkward when we aren't even going out” l explain “ well I can fix that , do you want to be my girlfriend?” he asks “ l would love to be your girlfriend “ l say then pull him down to give him another kiss “ thank you Brooklyn *kiss* your not going to regret it *kiss* but now l will leave you to sleep *kiss*” chaz says and get up but l stop him then run to give him and last kiss “you have a little problem down their” l say , he looks down and then blushes “ you could fix it” he winks ,l chuckle and push him out and then say goodnight to him.


l decided to upload earlier than a week.

l hope you like , l wasn't really going to upload this but l thought a twist would be good for now . and know l just wanted to say maybe about 10 more chapters until this book is finished but l am not sure ,it's definitely not under 10 though so maybe 15.

so please 



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