On My Knees * On hold for 2 moths*

Brooklyn is a normal girl that is bullied by the school bad boys Justin , Ryan and chaz but one time they take it two far after Brooklyn babysitter goes out to by pizza and Justin forces her to go to a party. Things then start to get more interesting when the senior are given a 2 month break from school to have a vacation, the boys are about to leave when Brooklyn is asked to go with them to LA to have some fun. READ TO FIND OUT MORE !!


1. background infomation


Hello and welcome this is my third book and this is th only one that l really looking forward to writing a lot about it since it is a Justin bieber Fanfic and l am a massive fan. In this story he isn't rich or famous but is a bad boy. so please comment , like and add onto your fav's


Hello my name is Brooklyn, l know it's strange having a name after a city in america, well the reason is because l was born in Brooklyn but raised in California , yeah l know your wondering what my family were doing well let me explain:

My family wanted to look at some landmarks across america such as the Grand Army Plaza, but unfortunately l came 1 month earlier and it ruined my family's trip , but oh well.

Now l guess your wondering why my parents  moved to California , well the reason is because my  mum and dad were lawyers and they were citizens of California and they owned a mansion so they had to go and pay off some bills or they will lose their house and also my brother got accepted into college so l was stuck at home with a babysitter , which still is my babysitter even though l am 17 yrs old my parents don't trust me alone.

l had only 1 best friend and she was the opposite of me cause she was a party-hard chick and often wore slutty clothes , but when she come to my house she would always wear something vintage and pretty. 

l had 6 enemies they are Justin Bieber(school football captain, sex god according the other girls) , Chaz somers( football player, friends of Justin's, should get a A+ at playing girls), Ryan Butler(football player, drug dealer, friends of Justin's) Brittany,Aisha  and Nicole ( slept with all boys , sluts, major flirts, sex goddesses according to boys) see how the sluts have the same personality



Brooklyn Davis

Nick Davis ( Brooklyn's brother)

Bianca Davis(Brooklyn's mother)

Dan Davis(Brooklyn's Dad)

Justin Bieber (Brooklyn's enemie)

Ryan Butler ( Brooklyn's enemie)

Chaz Somers (Brooklyn's enemie)

Dakota Isiah (Brooklyn's best-Friend)




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